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Albright Out Loud with President Fetrow

Albright Out Loud is a podcast about the inspiring stories, innovative experiences and vibrant community on our campus. Host Jacquelyn S. Fetrow, Ph.D., ’82 president and alumna of Albright College, interviews students, alumni, staff, faculty and community members to explore the impactful learning that empowers Albrightians to success and personal fulfillment during college and beyond! The podcast is produced in Albright’s Center for the Arts and features sound engineering by Melanie Fragoso, Charles Fedele and Zander Tesoriere. Theme music by Hansel Quezada ’22. Check out episodes here or via Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music and Google Podcasts.

Season 2

Episode 11: Top Ranked & Runways
A focus on Albright’s top-ranked ⁠fashion and costume design majors ⁠includes discussion of New York Fashion Week, research projects and the future of the industry.

Guests: Alexandra Pancu ’25, NYFW veteran and fashion & merchandising major; designer and Theatre professor Liz Polley (who has dressed celebrities like Taylor Swift and Cher); and assistant professor of design Elizabeth Quinn, an accomplished sustainable fashion researcher.

Episode 10: NCAA Athletics at Albright

A discussion of the college’s NCAA Division III Middle Atlantic Conference athletic programs with Albright Athletic Co-Directors Janice Luck and Rick Ferry, and student-athletes Cynthia Schneider ’24 and Ben Egan ’24.
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Episode 9: Spring Awakening

An in-depth exploration of the college’s 2023 theatrical production of Spring Awakening with the play’s director Jeffrey Lentz ’85, Albright’s Senior Artist-in-Residence for the Theatre and Music departments who earned a Master’s in Opera at Yale and 2004 Grammy nomination. Also joining the conversation is assistant director Ben Galosi, a rising junior majoring in Theatre and Arts Administration, who is the 2021 recipient of Broadway World’s Best Performer Under 18 Award for his work with the Ephrata Performing Arts Center in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Learn more about Albright’s acclaimed Theatre Department.


Episode 8: Celebrating 2023 Grads

As we prepare for a new academic year, President Fetrow celebrates our class of 2023 through the memories and stories of three of its graduates.

Guests: Megan Misurelli, biochemistry, an accomplished researcher who gave the senior address at commencement; Greyson Curran, political science and criminology, president of the Student Government Association; and Tyler Simmons, music industry studies, president of Albright’s record label, Lion Records, and sound engineer for Albright Out Loud.

Watch the May 2023 commencement ceremony. 


Episode 7: Inclusive & Ethical Leadership (conclusion)

The conversation on inclusive and ethical leadership continues with President Fetrow and her guests from Albright’s School of Professional Studies – Dr. Lisa Hain, professor and academic chair of applied psychology; Dr. Allison Schlosser, professor and program chair of athletic leadership; Jose “Joey” Miranda ’12, vice president of Foundation for the Reading Pagoda who is earning his master’s degree in applied psychology; and William “BJ” Hogan, an educational athletic director who is pursuing a master’s degree in athletic leadership. (Part two of two) Explore the School of Professional Studies’ flexible adult academic programs.

Episode 6: Inclusive & Ethical Leadership (part 1)

An exploration of inclusive and ethical leadership with faculty and graduate students from Albright’s School of Professional Studies. Guests include Dr. Lisa Hain, professor and academic chair of the applied psychology program; Dr. Allison Schlosser, professor and program chair of the athletic leadership program; Jose “Joey” Miranda ’12, graduate student in applied psychology and vice president of Foundation for the Reading Pagoda; and William “BJ” Hogan, who is a graduate student in athletic leadership and works as a school athletic director. (Part one of two episodes)

Learn more about accelerated adult programs available via the Albright College School of Professional Studies.

Episode 5: Albright Airwaves

President Fetrow’s guests share stories about their long friendship, sparked by music and WXAC, Albright’s student-run college radio station. Brent Mittelstadt ’07, who earned his Albright degree in philosophy and English, now lives in England – where he is the Director of Research at the Oxford Internet Institute and an Oxford University professor. He phones in from ‘across the pond’ to chat with Jacque and his Albright friend, mentor and WXAC station manager Mindy Cohen, who spent years living – and working on the air – in Europe herself before leading Albright’s station.

WXAC 91.3 FM

It’s Better Than Static – a History of WXAC

Episode 4: Total Experience Learning

President Fetrow is joined by accomplished educators to discuss Total Experience Learning® at Albright College – a groundbreaking educational philosophy that integrates research-based learning and empowers students of all ages to use their creativity and innovation for deep understanding. Guests for this exploration of TExpL’s many benefits are Melissa Woodard, superintendent of Wyomissing Area School District; Bill McKay, superintendent of Governor Mifflin School District; and TExpL founder Adelle Schade, who is also Albright’s Dean of Pre-College and Summer Programs. Learn more about Total Experience Learning® now.

Episode 3: Music & Gaming – Creating Immersion
How does music impact gaming? To explore creating immersive video game experiences, President Fetrow talks with senior music major and Lion Records musical artist Kyle Kartchner, creator an Albright course on the design, mechanics and social impact of video gameplay. Joining the discussion is Albright’s director of music technology and composition Mike D’Errico – professor of music production, game design, songwriting and popular music – who mentored Kyle’s work.

Episode 2: Laboratory & Leadership
An illuminating conversation with 1983 Albright graduate John Higgins, current Executive Director in the Discovery Pharmaceutical Sciences department at Merck Research Labs and an adjunct professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. He talks to Jacque about how his Albright student experience continues to resonate for him and the ways science has changed over his career, which has included earning his Ph.D. in synthetic organic chemistry and a postdoctoral fellowship at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute in New York City. John also offers his thoughts on the path from the lab to leadership for science majors in a time when innovative science and technology is vital for everyone.

Episode 1: African American History
An exploration of Albright’s new African American Studies minor with Kami Fletcher Ph.D., associate professor of history and co-coordinator of our women’s and gender studies program. Joining the discussion are students Danielle Walto and Jared Banks, both of whom curated an exhibition with works from our Black Cultural Collection as part of Dr. Fletcher’s African American History class.

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Season 1

Episode 10: Science Alliance
In this conversation about the life-changing, positive impact of the student-faculty bond, President Fetrow is joined by emergency medicine physician Dr. Bryan Wilson, a 2011 graduate and 2022 Young Alumni Achievement Award recipient, and Albright Provost Karen Campbell Ph.D., who has taught all kinds of biology – including advanced courses in physiology, endocrinology and neurobiology. Together, they share insights into their enduring friendship, which stems from a mutual love of science, collaboration and the Albright experience.

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Episode 9: Entrepreneurs-In-Residence
A conversation about Albright’s partnership with St. Stephen’s House, an academic community within the University of Oxford in England, features Albright entrepreneurs-in-residence Julia Klein, chairwoman and chief executive officer of C.H. Briggs, and Eileen Habelow, founder and president of Leadership-Link, both of whom travelled to the United Kingdom in August 2022 to participate in the first Albright-Oxford Creativity and Innovation Program.
Learn more about the trip and the program in this story from the Albright news hub.
For more on St. Stephen’s House in Oxford, visit their site.

Episode 8: Albright-Oxford Connection
This special episode highlights the distinctive connection between Albright College and St. Stephen’s House, a permanent private hall in the University of Oxford in England. In August 2022, President Fetrow and a group featuring Pennsylvania school district educators and administrators traveled to the United Kingdom to explore how creativity and innovation can be used to solve problems and enhance learning. Included are comments from those who took part in this unique experience.
Read more about the Oxford trip in this September 2022 message from President Fetrow.

Episode 7: First & 10 – The Impact of Athletics.
Roughly one-third of Albright students are athletes. To explore the many ways that athletics enhances student life on and off the playing field, President Fetrow (a football fan!) chats with the college’s head football coach Isaac Collins, who has nearly three decades of expertise, and two players – senior business management major and linebacker Antwan Rogers and first-year business finance student and quarterback Jarren Rutter – to discuss the unique and enriching ways athletics complements deep learning in the classroom and hones skills for future career success.
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Episode 6 : Albright ACREs: Student-Driven Research
Albright’s groundbreaking, student-driven learning program is called ACRE – short for Albright Creative Research Experience. To highlight these deeply enriching experiential opportunities, we’re joined by Abigail Platero, a senior arts administration and psychology major, and her ACRE adviser, David Tanner, director of Albright’s Center for the Arts, to discuss her project to ensure artist diversity in our Freedman Gallery, and her multi-faceted internship working with the GoggleWorks Center for the Arts, an arts education and gallery hub near campus.

More about Albright ACRE opportunities:

GoggleWorks Center for the Arts:

Episode 5: High-Tech Help: Innovation for K-12 Support
2018 School of Professional Studies graduate Barbara Grimm, founder of mobile phone app School Responder, tells the story of how her work as an Albright organizational behavior and applied psychology student inspired her innovative business that provides vital safety and wellness support to K-12 students. A former 911 emergency services dispatcher, Barbara also worked for 15 years as an educational support specialist prior to working with Albright professor, Lisa Hain, Psy.D. and creating the groundbreaking app. Dr. Hain, professor and chair of the SPS Applied Psychology program, also joins the conversation to discuss the connection between technology and emotional wellbeing, and the adult student experience in the applied psychology program.

Visit the School Responder website:

Episode 4: Real World Runway: Albright Fashion Majors
As Albright fashion students prepare to premiere their designs in New York City on September 10 during New York Fashion Week, we discuss the college’s four distinct fashion majors. Albright’s fashion programs empower students to formulate their artistic vision and develop vital skills and professional connections to create thriving careers in the industry. Ashley Hillegass ’21 and Scott French ’87 talk about how their time as Albright student designers led them to their creative styles, New York Fashion Week experiences and professional successes.

Learn more about Albright fashion programs at:

Visit the NYFW website at:

Episode 3: Science of Cooking: Creativity in the Classroom
Did you know your kitchen is a laboratory? That’s right! To explore how a home chef is also a home scientist, and to illustrate Albright creativity in the classroom, chemistry professor Ian Rhile, Ph.D., and School of Professional Studies student Tim Kiester ’22 share enlightening experiences from our Chemistry of Cooking course. This innovative class, developed by Rhile, nourishes student curiosity and demystifies chemistry concepts through delicious (and educational) food.

Episode 2: Rocketing Research: Fueling Youth Innovation
Albright’s Science Research Institute adds rocket fuel to dual enrollment programs, helping young students soar and explore through investigation of STEM, arts, engineering, IT and any subject that captures their imaginations. Adelle Schade, institute founder and director and dean of pre-college and summer programs, discusses the innovative work done by young students in the institute. Accomplished high school students Srigouri Oruganty, a 2022 Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair winner, and Abby Robinson, winner of the 2022 Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science competition, tell their student success stories.

Episode 1: Campus to Congress: Shawn Gamble ’20
Students envisioning their futures need visionary academics, as well as hands-on experiences and dedicated faculty mentors. Shawn Gamble ’20 returns to Albright to tell the story of his journey from campus to U.S. Congress and catch up with political science professor Michael Armato, Ph.D. and President Fetrow.

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