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Albright Out Loud Podcasts

Albright Out Loud with Jacquelyn S. Fetrow, ’82

Albright Out Loud is a podcast about the inspiring stories, innovative experiences and vibrant community on our campus. Host Jacquelyn S. Fetrow, Ph.D., President and alumna of Albright College, interviews students, alumni, staff, faculty and community members to explore the impactful learning that empowers Albrightians to success and personal fulfillment during college and beyond! The podcast is produced in Albright’s Center for the Arts and features sound engineering by Tyler Simmons ’23 and theme music composed by Hansel Quezada ’22. Check out episodes here or via Spotify.

Episode 1: Campus to Congress: Shawn Gamble ‘20
Students envisioning their futures need visionary academics, as well as hands-on experiences and dedicated faculty mentors. Shawn Gamble ’20 returns to Albright to tell the story of his journey from campus to U.S. Congress and catch up with political science professor Michael Armato and President Fetrow.

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