Winter break relaxation – Albright College

Winter break relaxation

Dear Albrightians,

Tomorrow Albright’s winter break begins.  We have much to celebrate and for which to be grateful, given a very successful fall semester. We continue to make progress on our strategic vision goal of educating students of academic promise, closing the equity barriers in higher education. And, we have much to look forward to during interim and spring, with additional opportunities, accomplishments, and announcements.

Today, I write with a wish for you during this winter break.  For almost two years, we have been living through a global pandemic, with all the associated stress and trauma.  We have worried about our safety and that of our families. We have watched friends and loved ones get sick, and many have passed.  And, at the same time, we have supported our students, as they have experienced the same stress, trauma and grief of this pandemic.

We are tired.  Our reserves have long-since been depleted. And now the Omicron variant is emerging with all the unknowns that such a variant brings.  The high number of COVID-19 cases, around the country and in our region, means health and safety practices are more important than ever.  I urge continued care throughout the winter break, safely enjoying time with friends and family. We have learned how to keep ourselves and each other safe.  I encourage you to use what we have learned and to not let down your guard.

Beyond health care, I urge your own self-care. Each of you, every member of the Albright community, has worked hard to encourage and sustain our students and their success. You have supported our students through the tribulations of the pandemic.  Now it is time to care for yourself.

During the down time of our winter break, I encourage you to take time for yourself—time for renewal and regeneration. Time to do what brings you the most joy and helps you find peace.  My wish for each of you is that you take such time for yourself.

At Albright, we have much to celebrate and much to look forward to. Our work matters, and our mission to provide an excellent education for students of academic promise and to close the educational equity gap that we all know is present today matters.  Our work is making a difference.

I wish each of you a rejuvenating winter break and hope that each of you return in January in person and ready to make this interim and spring the best semesters ever at Albright!

With all best wishes,



Jacquelyn S. Fetrow, Ph.D., ’82
President and Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Albright College
Twitter: JacqueFetrow
Instagram: AlbrightPrezFetrow
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