January – Albright College


Continuing our work on equity and inclusion

Dear Fellow Albrightians,

As we have discussed often in the past few months, one of our highest priorities is the continued development and support of an equitable and fully participating community. An important aspect of this work is our collaboration with Suzanne Anderson and her team from Collaborations Group (CGI). As noted in my December email, Suzanne and her Collaborations Group colleagues will return to campus for four days, January 30 through February 2. This email provides more details about this upcoming visit, including information about how you can participate.

During their visit in late November, our CGI colleagues engaged in information gathering—listening to and observing how we communicate with each other, and how we describe our experiences as Albrightians. These information gathering sessions will continue for two of the four days of their next visit, both Tuesday, Jan 30, and Wednesday, Jan 31.

During the previous visit, these sessions were targeted towards specific groups. In this upcoming visit, we have available multiple sessions open to any person—student, faculty member or staff member. A small number of individual sessions will also be available. You will soon receive an invitation from Kathy Cafoncelli through Sign-up Genius to choose a time slot that fits your schedule. Please note that if you participated in one of the sessions in November, you should not sign up for a group session, but you would be welcome to sign up for an individual session.

Thursday and Friday of the upcoming CGI visit will be devoted to skills development. Specific groups will be invited to these sessions, and group members will receive their invitations to these sessions shortly. As our work moves forward, these skill development sessions will be opened further to members of the broader community.

Working to create a truly inclusive and fully participating community takes intentional time and effort—our effort will be continuing for some time. I am grateful for your willingness to engage in this work with me.


-President Fetrow