April – Albright College


Dear Fellow Albrightians,

April is upon us!  At Albright, April means many things—faculty, staff and students in our traditional residential program are pushing towards the end of the semester, SPS colleagues are getting ready to start the April 9 session, our graduating seniors are eagerly awaiting commencement, and all of us are enjoying the many spring events that happen in April.

At Albright, April also means a celebration of our ongoing commitment to an equitable, inclusive and thriving community during Diversity Week, which is next week!  Our many colleagues have organized numerous events on our Reading campus, which information is compiled here:  https://www.albright.edu/diversity-week-2018/.  All events are open to everyone—both those in the traditional residential school programs and those in the School of Professional Studies. During the week, tag people and events in your photos using #AlbDiversity and you could win a prize!

The kick-off–The President’s Grand Adventure: Diversity Matters!—is on Sunday and I encourage you to join me! Following the diversity photo, which is scheduled for 1 p.m., we will assemble at 1:45 p.m. in front of Masters Hall for a Diversity Scavenger Hunt. At 4 p.m., we will return to the McMillan Student Center to share results, win prizes and officially open the festivities.  I hope you are as excited as I am for next week’s celebration!

During this past year, we have focused much of our work on building community and enhancing equity and inclusion.  Our work with Collaborations Group Inc. (CGI) has allowed us to reflect further on what our Albright community is and what we want it to be.  A number of events during Diversity Week are aimed to take the next step in building towards the community we aspire to be.

The Power and Culture Dynamics of Inclusion:  This program, facilitated by our CGI colleagues, engages all participants in illuminating the personal, interpersonal and structural and cultural dynamics of working and connecting across differences.  With those understandings, participants can further explore how to have real dialogue across differences and can explore the kind of processes and structures that will create more inclusion and well-being for all.   Please note:  all scheduled sessions are the same.  We are offering several sessions on different days and times, in hopes that the majority of members of our community will attend one session.  Please join together with your friends, your colleagues, your class, your SPS cohort, or your student organization and sign up to attend an event using this link: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/5080948A4AE2CAAF58-diversity.

Same Community: Same Team:  This program is sponsored by Teresa Gilliams.  Although unity does not require uniformity, at Albright we need practice aimed at developing effective communication skills that are crucial to our same team identity. During this session, Teresa will facilitate the examination and discussion of key terms to assist members of the campus community in achieving familiarization with and acquisition of a common language that fuels our conversations about race. She will also lead a discussion about our team values and the behaviors we want to project when engaging with each other.  This event is open to everyone and does not require sign-up. 

Many other informative, engaging and thought-provoking events are planned as well. There is truly something for everyone—be sure to select an event that is most interesting to you and bring a friend. My wish is that every member of our community will participate in at least one Power and Culture Dynamics of Inclusion session led by our CGI colleagues, and at least one other event during the week.

Best wishes, and thank you for all of your contributions to help move Albright boldly into the future.