November – Albright College


Mid-terms and Thanksgiving break

Dear Fellow Albrightians,

Happy Friday to each of you! Here we are already—in the middle of November. For many of us, November on campus brings anticipation of travel and food, as well as time with family and friends. Midterm exams have mostly been completed and graded and we are now moving towards the final academic push—projects, papers, exams, end-of-calendar-year tasks—which deadlines will be upon us after Thanksgiving break.

I want to take a moment to express my thanks and gratitude to those of you who participated in the listening sessions on social and racial justice and equity with our consultants last Friday. A wonderful cross-section of our community—over 80 different students, faculty and staff members attending six different sessions, representing eight different groups. Several people attended multiple sessions. Your responsiveness was inspiring and indicative of the commitment we share to evolving our Albright community into the one we know it can and should be.

The themes raised among the groups were very similar and I shared those yesterday with CITE-C and with the President’s Student Advisory Council. Our consulting partners, Collaborations Group Inc. (CGI), also observed a universal willingness and readiness to act. CGI will return after the winter holidays to continue their listening and their data collection—to learn about who we are and who we want to be. They are currently analyzing the results from our Friday sessions and considering what might best fit our needs.

As we approach Thanksgiving and the end of the fall semester, I also want to encourage each of us to remember the community of Albrightians that we are. This time of year can be challenging for many of our fellow Lions. Anticipation and anxiety about academic performance can cause us to become isolated, feeling that we don’t have enough time to connect to, socialize with, and support one another as we have earlier in the semester. And yet we also know that it is in such times of stress that we look to each other, and look out for one another. This is what is makes this place—our Albright community—such a special place.

I encourage each of us, as we focus on the work of the end of the semester, to place a high priority on ourselves, our friends, and our fellow Albright Lions. Take breaks, connect with friends, or share a cup of coffee, share a smile—even a simple smile can truly make someone’s day. As I’ve heard over and over during my Listening and Learning conversations, it is that commitment to caring that makes Albright special place.

As we move forward, let’s continue to build on the momentum we have started. Let’s continue to engage as a community, moving ever closer to being the equitable and inclusive community that we know we can be. Ask yourself: what can you and we do right now to help bring the change we desire? Please join me in making a focus on an inclusive and equitable community an integral part of who we are and what we do every day.

Happy Thanksgiving break to each of you!

Best regards,

-President Fetrow