Information for School of Professional Studies (SPS) and Online Course Students – Albright College

Information for School of Professional Studies (SPS) and Online Course Students

The Albright College Writing Center offers free assistance with writing for any of your courses.  Our peer tutors will conference with you on any aspect of the writing process including effective reading, idea development / organization, use of citation and research, and grammar. Our feedback is instructional, so rather than edit for you line-by-line, we will help identify areas of repeated concern and provide you with examples and resources. SPS and online students have the option of in-person visits, online chat sessions (with video option), emailed feedback or phone sessions.

Availability and In-Person Appointments

The Writing Center is located in Tell 309-B on the main campus in Reading, PA.  Appointments are recommended for in-person sessions. To see open dates and make an appointment for an in-person or online session, use our appointment system  Click on “Register for an account” and use your Albright e-mail as your username. Once you log in, white timeslots are “available.” You can make an appointment for 30 or 60 minutes. To change or cancel an appointment, log in and click on the appointment. NOTE: during times no appointments appear because main campus day classes are not in session (ex: mid-May or August), please contact the center director (contact information below).

Telephone Conference

If you are in an SPS program or taking an online course, you may also request a telephone conference. You and the tutor would both have your essay up on your computer screens and talk by telephone.  Please contact the director for assistance with organizing/scheduling: Rachel Liberatore — or 610-921-7854.

Online Appointment

Online chat or audio-video appointments work best for brainstorming, discussing the content of a paper, general discussion, or short pieces (as they are a bit slow for grammar reviews on long essays). In our appointment system at, select a time next to a tutor who is listed as “Face-to-face or online.” In the pop-up box that appears, select “Yes—Schedule Online Appointment” and schedule for 30 or 60 minutes. A full hour is recommended for longer papers or grammar-based review. A few minutes before your appointment, log in, click on your appointment, and select the red “Start or Join Online Consultation.” A large whiteboard screen should appear with instructions.  If you are having technical problems during the session, please call 610-921-7540 to reach your tutor. After your session, you can click back on the appointment/chatroom to re-read the chat transcript or on timeslider icon in the upper right of the chatroom to scroll through each step of the essay.

Emailed Feedback

To receive emailed feedback (comments in the margin), use our Essay Feedback form. 

We will assign your essay to a tutor when we receive it, but it may take up to two business days. It would also be helpful if you would make yourself an account (a log-in name but not an appointment) in our records and appointment system at  to assist us in keeping records of giving you feedback.


If you have any questions, please contact us at or (610) 921-7540. We look forward to working with you!