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Returning to Albright

Congratulations on your choice to return to Albright College! We can’t wait to see you on campus again! Before you arrive, there a few very important steps you’ll need to take to ensure a smooth transition back to college life.

Returning from a Leave of Absence (ReENROLLMENT)

If you left Albright College on an official Leave of Absence, you can reenroll without being readmitted. Your steps for reenrollment are determined by whether you took a medical or voluntary leave of absence.

Medical Leave of Absence

If you are returning from a Medical Leave of Absence, please contact the Gable Health and Counseling Center to provide relevant medical information (such as certification from a healthcare provider or psychologist) showing that you have participated in a course of treatment and are able to attend classes and conform to Albright’s standards of residential living. Return to Albright may be contingent upon signing a behavioral contact acknowledging specific proscribed behaviors. Gable Health and Counseling Center professionals will review your paperwork, determine whether a return is possible and inform you of their decision.

You must complete this step before proceeding with any of the subsequent steps below.

Leave of Absence (Voluntary or Medical)

If you are returning from a Leave of Absence (Voluntary or Medical) then you will need to complete these steps as soon as you can, but NO LATER than the end of the semester prior to the semester you intend to return.

  1. Contact Student Accounts
    • Consult with the Student Accounts Office for your account balance from the semester you took the leave of absence.
    • Work with the Student Accounts Office to establish a financial plan for any remaining balance.
  2. Contact Financial Aid
    • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the academic year/semester you intend to return at
    • Check with an Albright financial aid counselor to ensure you are making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).
    • If you have not made Satisfactory Academic Progress, be sure to complete an SAP appeal form on the financial aid website. Deadlines are outlined on the form.
    • Students who leave Albright and have borrowed through the Federal Student Loan program will be required to complete exit counseling for their loans at Exit counseling will advise you about repayment options and repayment start dates (which begin six months after withdrawal from college). Should you return to Albright, and return to borrowing through the federal loan program, your repayment will again be deferred.**
  3. Register for your Academic Courses
    • Meet with your faculty academic advisor to complete course registration for the semester you intend to return. If you need help contacting your faculty academic advisor, the Registrar’s Office can help you contact your department chair.
  4. Contact Residential Life
    • Upon completion of all previous steps, complete the Housing Form on the student portal.
  5. Check for Additional Issues
    • If requesting academic accommodations, adjustments or auxiliary aids, be sure to contact the Student Accessibility and Advocacy Office.
    • If you need to address issues stemming from a Community Standards violation or suspension? Contact the Dean of Students’ Office.

Returning from Withdrawal (ReADMITTANCE)

If you withdrew from Albright when you left, you’ll need to be readmitted to the College in order to return. Depending on your reasons for leaving and whether you attended another institution while you were away will determine your steps for readmission.


If you are planning to return to Albright, your first step is to contact Nicole Christie, Associate Director of Admissions, at or 610-921-7700 to discuss your plans. She will help determine which path for readmission you should follow. You should not proceed with any additional steps found below until you have a discussion with her.  

Voluntary Withdrawal

If you are returning from a Voluntary Withdrawal, then you will need to be Readmitted to Albright College.

If you have attended another institution during your separation

You should complete the Transfer Application and the Transfer Questionnaire from our Admissions Office.

You should also request official transcripts from the other institution be sent directly to Albright College. We accept electronic transcripts at or paper transcripts mailed to:
Albright College
Office of Admission
13th and Bern Streets
P.O. Box 15234
Reading, PA 19612-5234

If you have NOT attended another institution during your separation

You should complete the Returning Student Application from our Admissions Office.

After your application has been received, the Admissions Office will seek approval from the Dean of Students, Registrar’s Office, and Student Accounts for your return to Albright. You will be notified when you are cleared to return or if there are issues that need to be resolved before you are permitted to return. You must receive this clearance before you can return to Albright, which includes registering for courses and selecting housing. 

Medical Withdrawal

If you withdrew from Albright for medical reasons, you will also need to be cleared by The Gable Health Center or The Counseling Center prior to your return in addition to the steps listed above. Nicole Christie will discuss this step with you during your initial return inquiry.

Reenrollment contacts

Anne Coleman, Ph.D.
Phone: 610-929-6653
Location: Teel Hall, third floor

Student Accounts
Phone: 610-921-7777
Location: Selwyn Hall

Financial Aid
Phone: 610-921-7515
Location: Selwyn Hall

Residential Life
Phone: 610-921-7641
Location: 1331 Richmond Street

Registrar’s Office
Phone: 610-921-7256
Location: Selwyn Hall

Faculty Academic Advisor

Student Accessibility and Advocacy
Phone: 610-921-7503
Location: McMillan Student Center, conference room

Gable Health and Counseling Center
Phone: 610-921-7532
Location: 1829 Linden Street (Counseling Center is the white building behind the Health Center)

Client Services
Phone: 610-921-7676
Location: Center for Commuting and Math

Dean of Students
Phone: 610-921-7795
Location: Selwyn Hall

Office of Student Success (First-Year Academic Coaching)
Location: Teel Hall, first and second floors

Academic Learning Center (Tutoring and Academic Coaching)
Phone: 610-921-7662
Location: Teel Hall, third floor

Office of Student Involvement and Leadership
Phone: 610-921-6619
Location: McMillan Student Center