Academic Suspension Appeal Process – Albright College

Academic Suspension Appeal Process

If you wish to appeal your academic suspension, immediate action is required on your part. A written formal letter addressed to the Enrollment Management Committee (EMC) must be emailed to the Director of Student Academic Success at no later than June 4, 2024. Please read the following information carefully. 

Sometimes unique circumstances contribute to unsatisfactory academic performance. The goal of your appeal is to give the committee better insight into your specific situation. The EMC is interested and open to hearing your perspective on the semester in as much or as little detail as you choose to offer. This process does not grant automatic readmission. It merely brings your case back to the Committee for reconsideration with additional information. 

Your formal letter should acknowledge the following: 

  • what steps you took to help yourself succeed during the past semester 
  • what behaviors you engaged in that negatively impacted your academic success 
  • what demonstrable steps you are taking and will take to change these behaviors 
  • what specific academic goals you have set for yourself and how you plan to achieve them. 
  • what if any extenuating circumstances you believe adversely affected your academic performance 

As a part of your appeals process, the committee will seek input from faculty, advisors and academic support services regarding your academic efforts during the past semester. 

Appeal letters should be emailed to as soon as possible and no later than the deadline of June 4, 2024.  

Again, appeals must be received by June 4, 20234

The EMC will review your appeal on June 14, 2024 and will either grant, or not support the appeal.  If the appeal is granted, you will be readmitted on probationary status with conditions. If no appeal is received or if your appeal is denied, you will be academically suspended from the College and any registration for next semester will be canceled. In this case, you may seek readmission for Spring 2025 after demonstrating your readiness to restart your academic journey at Albright College. Please see the Returning after Academic Suspension webpage for details about returning to Albright College after academic suspension.