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The mission of the Student Employment Office is to empower students through meaningful work experiences that will assist in the cultivation of integrity, curiosity, connection and resilience.

Albright College highly values the contributions of its many student employees. The work you do on behalf of the College contributes greatly to the various teaching, research, operational and administrative functions of the College. Student employees are an important part of many of our departments on campus and enhance a workplace that is vibrant and diverse.

The Office of Student Employment, located on the second floor of the Camp Building, manages the overall administration of the student employment program at Albright College in collaboration with other offices on campus (Human Resources, Financial Aid, Experiential Learning & Career Development Center) and is a resource for student employees. All students are welcome to apply. Student On-Campus Job Search – Career Portal.

Payroll and timesheet processing are managed by the Controller’s office, located in the Camp Building. Most student employment issues you may face can be handled by consulting the student employment handbook or contacting your immediate supervisor. If you still need assistance, you can also contact Student Employment Office at 610-921-7797. Albright College has been very successful with the student employment program.
Each year students work part-time on the campus, earning funds that assist them with their college expenses. Both the college and the students gain in several ways from these work programs:

What is work study?

Albright College has two types of work study for which students may qualify, there is Federal Work Study and Albright Self Help.

Federal Work Study

Students must be Federal Work Study eligible in order to work in this category of jobs. You will know if you are Federal Work Study eligible by checking your Financial Aid Award Letter, which tells you whether you have been awarded Federal Work Study and the amount you have been offered.

Federal Work Study is a federally subsidized program designed to promote part-time employment of students, in order to help them avoid excessive debt while in college. Earn money while you learn! Students are responsible for participating in the recruitment process by applying to current on campus job opportunities and/or select community service off campus positions

Albright Self Help

Albright College has earmarked money for on campus employment of students on campus who are not eligible for Federal Work Study.

When are they posted?

Each department does their own hiring, which occurs at different times throughout the academic year.  Most jobs starting in the fall are posted in July or August. For spring, jobs are posted before the Thanksgiving break and continue through the start of the Spring semester. Some jobs do come up mid-semester, though not as many.

Student Payroll Schedule
Student Employment Handbook



If you are interested in a student job on campus refer to the instructions in the job posting, as each position may have unique requirements. Every department will require you to fill out a job application.  All requirements must be completed in order to be considered for the position.  We encourage you to be proactive in seeking a position in a department that interests you.  Openings are based on availability and employment is not guaranteed.

If you have any questions, please contact Emma Alvarez, student employment specialist at

Student Employment FAQs

All students are welcome to apply for available on campus jobs via Dayforce at this link, Student Application. Some departments may require an interview, students should be prepared to answer questions about themselves and their working experiences or lack of. If invited to an interview please make sure to dress in business casual attire..

Students report their time using the Dayforce clock in or on hard copy timesheets.   Few departments allow electronic tracking of time, make sure you check with your supervisor to ensure what method they are using. Students should refer to their supervisor to verify their time reported is approved in Dayforce if the department requires the clocking in method.  If the student is reporting time worked on a hard copy timesheet the timesheet must be approved by the supervisor and submitted to the Payroll Office at  Time sheets must be turned in to the supervisor by dates specified by the supervisors. Students are paid biweekly and are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit.

There could be several reasons:

  • Did you meet with the Human Resources office to complete the appropriate new hire paperwork such as the W-4 and I-9 forms?
  • Federal regulations require that these forms be completed before you can work and be paid.
  • Was your time sheet turned in on time? Late time sheets are processed with the next pay period.
  • Was your time sheet complete when it was sent to the Payroll/Controller’s Office? Did your supervisor submit the time sheet on the appropriate form? Incomplete and incorrect time sheets are delayed until corrected.

Hard copy timesheets can be requested through your supervisor if the department isn’t using the Dayforce clock in method.

With few exceptions most students are not allowed to work during vacation. Any work during vacation must be cleared ahead of time. This is different from Summer vacation during which some departments do hire students to work specifically during the summer.

You are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week, however keep in mind that your total earnings cannot exceed the amount of Work-Study Award in your most recent Financial Aid award letter.

Yes. You are allowed to have more than one job as long as it does not exceed the 20 hours per week allocation. You should also let your supervisor know you are working in another department so they can plan how many hours to expect from you.

If you are keeping the same job that you had in the fall semester, you will only need to confirm your spring work schedule with your supervisor. If you have a new job in the spring (or any time you get a new job) you will need to meet with the Human Resources first before you can begin working.

No. You are awarded Work-Study based on financial needs as determined yearly. You must complete your financial aid application on time every year and continue to show eligibility for Work-Study.

The Department may request that you participate in a brief interview for the student position vacancy. This will be a good opportunity to test your job interview skills. If you are unsure of your interviewing skills, please contact the Office of Experiential Learning and Career Development Center for assistance. At the interview the duties and responsibilities of the job will be discussed as well as any special rules of the department. During the interview, the supervisor should provide you with a list of expectations, such as:

  • The number of hours they would like you to work
  • How you should keep track of your time
  • Specific details of the duties
  • Causes for dismissal
  • Student pay rate

In addition, some duties involve access to sensitive or confidential information. The supervisor may discuss his/her policy on confidentiality with you and may ask you to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to beginning work in the department.

If a student worker is requested to work in the same department with a family member, the immediate supervisor needs to direct this to the Office of Human Resources for approval prior to making a work assignment.

Your supervisor may dismiss you from a position if you are not adhering to the agreement you made when you were hired. The dismissal will be reported to the Financial Aid and the Office of Human Resources. While we will work with you in finding another job, we cannot guarantee placement if the reason for dismissal is negligence on your part of lack of cooperation with the supervisor of the department.

Contact Details

Emma Alvarez

Student Employment Specialist