PRIDE Award Nomination – Albright College

PRIDE Award Nomination

Nominated Employee Information:

Nominator Information:

Please describe in detail the characteristic traits or accomplishments that the faculty member or employee has, that led you to nominate them for a PRIDE Award in each of the boxes below. The information you provide may be used anonymously in their recognition certificate if chosen as a PRIDE Award recipient. Thank you!

Shows consistence of his/her work ethic; follows through on a designated project; completes a project with excellence.

Demonstrates excellent customer service, internally and/or externally; performs good deeds for others.

Initiates a cost-saving idea; initiates a best-practice idea; engages in knowledge-building activities: i.e. he/she uses and/or shares his/her knowledge with the community and with students through innovative classes and campus programming; creates a project that benefits others; engages in innovative thinking and innovative projects.

Excels in his/her job; sets and accomplishes high goals for him/herself; shows desire to pursue the high standards of the College; goes a step beyond expectations; seeks to improve his/her self professionally; seeks to improve his/her department.

Implements and promotes a new club or activity for the betterment of the campus community; motivates others and is a positive mentor.

Please note that an established review process exists for all nominations.
Upon nomination, Human Resources will verify whether or not the employee is in good standing.

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