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What is PawPrint?

PawPrint is Albright College’s print management service, it is powered by YSoft’s SafeQ 5 software suite.  Pawprint allows members of our community to securely print from labs, college issued computers and personal devices.  It supports direct printing, web uploads and email submission of compatible file types.  Documents are held in a secure holding queue until released to one of the campus release enabled MFDs.

To access the Fraser Printer Conversion Project Page Click Here.

Submitting Documents to the PawPrint secure queue

Academic Computers – Albright Lab computers now have the print queue “pawprint on net-print-safeq”. To submit a job from a lab computer, use the ‘Print’ option in the program you are using, and make sure “pawprint on net-print-safeq” is the selected printer.  This will submit the document to the PawPrint holding queue. (See video instructions)

Web Document upload – From Albright webpages open the Quick Links menu in the top right and select PawPrint. You will be directed to the Pawprint mobile login page. (See video instructions)

image of paw print login page

Once logged in Select the “Upload new print job” button.

image of paw print upload and manage options

Important: The documents submitted through web upload need one of the following file types: .doc, .docx, ppt, pptx, .txt, or .pdf.

Email Submission to PawPrint – Sign in to your Office 365 Webmail, open a new email, and enter as the recipient.

Attach the document(s) that you would like to submit for printing. You can attach files from your computer or OneDrive by selecting the document to upload or dragging documents right into the email.

Attach your files

Send your email, and it should show up in the PawPrint holding queue.

Release Stations

Linking your LionLink account and Albright ID card

To be able to use your Albright College ID card with PawPrint, you need to manually sign in the first time to associate your ID card with your LionLink account:

1. Tap you ID card on the Card Reader

2. Enter your LionLink username and password on the MFDs input display and press the “Login” button

After you have done this, you can sign in by tapping your ID card to the card reader on the MFD. If you find that your ID card is not associating with your LionLink account, please reach out to Client Services for assistance at 610-921-7676 or

Releasing your print job

1. Make sure the MFD is not is Power savings mode before you Tap your ID card.  If the display is dark, press the wake/sleep button

2. Login to the MFD by Tapping your College ID on the Card Reader.  If you do not have your ID card you can login to the MFD with your LionLink Account.

3. On the MFD’s input touch screen select Sharp OSA fro mthe tabs at the top of the screen.

4. In the OSA module Select Ysoft SafeQ

5. In The YSoft SafeQ Waiting section, select the documents you would like to print.

6. Press the on screen Print button.

7. Sign out using the orange Sign Out button in the lower right corner when you are done.

Click here if you would like a copy of the PawPrint instructions posted at MFD’s around campus.

Releasing Jobs from PawPrint at Campus Multi-Function Devices

Release station locations

list of locations for student printing using PawPrint network printing

Sending Files to PawPrint

Uploading Files to PawPrint from Your Devices

Sending Files to PawPrint from Lab Machines