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Virtual Major Fair

The Virtual Fair – Your Gateway to Academic & Career Success


The Virtual Fair is your gateway to academic and career success, and provides 24/7 access to explore academic and career options. You can also identify your interests, skills, and abilities, connect with Alumni, faculty, and other Albright students, and research information to help you make informed decisions that will help you achieve your professional life goals.

Academic Programs

Explore majors, co-majors, and minor academic programs. Research program requirements, course descriptions, and other available resources offered by academic departments.

Majors and co-majors within the Arts at Albright College cover a wide range of interests, including communications, fashion, music, and theatre. Students are given many opportunities to build their skills and see their creativity come to life through hands-on projects.

Students who pursue a major or co-major within the Business program gain knowledge of not only the foundational principles of business, but also have the opportunity to pursue a specific area of interest more in-depth through the variety of tracks available.

The Education program at Albright College allows students a unique opportunity to not only gain valuable classroom exposure, but also combine their co-major with an area of interest to best pursue their career goals.

  • Education
    • Art Education
    • Early Education
    • Foreign Language Education
    • Secondary Education
    • 4+1 Bachelors and Masters in Education

Majors and co-majors within the Humanities allow students to build essential skills such as critical thinking, communication, and interpersonal understanding through the lens of each specific program, allowing for the capability to pursue a variety of career paths.

Intercultural majors and co-majors allow Albright students to not only develop a specific language, but gain a better understanding of culture and interpersonal understanding. This allows students to better interact with the world around them.

Majors and co-majors that are related to the social sciences provide Albright students an opportunity to understand their fellow humans from a cultural or social perspective, and in turn inspire change for a better world.

Students with a passion for science, technology, and math will find a variety of majors and co-majors to align with their interests. These programs will lead to a variety of career paths that will use their thorough knowledge and skills.

Minors are an effective way to incorporate a topic more in-depth to your academic study, pursue an area of interest, or enhance other skills that may be beneficial for your career path. Minors require 5-6 courses and can be added to any major or co-major.

  • Africana Studies
  • Art History
  • Asian Studies
  • Classical Studies
  • Digital Media
  • European Studies
  • Evolutionary Studies
  • Film/Video
  • Holocaust Studies
  • Legal Studies
  • Marine and Aquatic Science
  • Music
  • Music Production
  • Photography
  • Public Administration and Policy Analysis

Explore Majors & Minors

Informed Decision Resources

These academic and career inventories can provide insight into major and career paths best suited for you. Share your results with your Career Counselor, Academic Advisor, or Student Success Specialist.

Experiential Learning

Find out how internships, research, and study abroad opportunities can broaden your horizons, allow you to try out different career environments, and help you gain real-world professional experience.

Experiential Learning

Helpful Campus Resources

Navigating college can be challenging at times. Use the resources below to help support your academic, career, and personal efforts, while reducing stress and promoting a successful college experience.