Brogan Scholars Endowed Internship Application

In May 2013, Professor Tom Brogan retired after more than 35 years at Albright College. A group of his former students and admirers created a fitting and lasting tribute that recognizes Professor Brogan’s service to our alma mater and the role he played in launching countless careers in government, law and related fields. The have established an endowed fund in his name to benefit internships for policy and government.A student from any major is eligible to apply for the Scholarship. The internship must be unpaid, completed for credit, and can take place in any semester. Internship placements and locations can vary, such as in Washington, DC, for local government or community agencies, state or federal level. The amount of award will vary, depending upon the yield from the endowment, from $1,500 or higher.

Please complete the form below. Submission must be made to the ELCDC by December 1.

Additional Requirements:

1. Submit an essay, no longer than 500 words describing your interest in this program and specify the desired field for your internship and how this opportunity will enhance your studies and/or plans for the future.
2. Letter of recommendation from an Albright College faculty member.
3. Unofficial transcripts.
4. Updated resume.

The website includes sites which may be used to search for internships and examples of where others have interned in the past. For additional help with internship resources and your resume, contact the ELCDC at 610-921-7630 or

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