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Through the Albright Creative Research Experience (ACRE), Albright students have the opportunity to conduct research or creative activity in partnership with nurturing faculty mentors.

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How ACRE Works

  • Students from all majors are invited to submit an application for the ACRE program.
  • Students select which ACRE session they would like to undertake (Summer, January Interim)
  • A faculty committee reviews the proposals and recommends awards.
  • Accepted participants receive a stipend and free room and board during the summer or January interim.
  • Students and faculty from all disciplines meet each week to share their experiences and learn from each other.
  • Many collaborative teams of students and faculty present their research at academic conferences and publish their results in professional journals.

For more information, please contact Dr. Matt Fotis, Associate Professor of Theatre, at (610) 921-7873 or, or contact Director of Experiential Learning, Kim Justeson at or 610-921-7630.

Summer 2022 ACRE Research


Student FirstStudent LastFacultyProject
ChristopherBilikGuillaume de SyonThe Fight for Recognition for the Experiences of Japanese Americans in World War II and How That Connects to the Present-Day Struggles of the Asian American Community
NicholasGriffithDavid OsgoodDoes Spatial Variation of Disturbance in a Forest Affect Plant Community Composition?
LibbyHarfordJohn PankratzSongs of Democracy: The Evolution of the Presidential Campaign Song
ErikaJerrahianErin VentrescaCreation of Transgenic Drosophila Line to Determine the Role of Akt in Diadzein-dependent Larval Lethality
KyleKartchnerMike D’ErricoBuilding Connections Across Music and Games
MeganKellerAdam HerspergerUnderstanding the Importance of the Ectromelia Growth Factor Protein to Virus Replication
KamarynKochIan CostComparing Cardiovascular Anatomy of Different Avian Species
MarcelaKraftLaura GeletyLife after Trauma – A Shift from Childhood Trauma to Mental and Physical Well-Being in Adulthood
NoahKulpDavid OsgoodUnderstanding the Effects of Timbering Disturbances on Succession of Understory Plant Communities Within Eastern Deciduous Forests
OliviaOatmanMeeAe Oh-RanckFashion Shouldn’t Cost The Earth: re-Design Fashion Sustainability
BrianPanBrian BuerkeQuantum Advantage in the Modified Penny Flip Game
LisaStatlerMidori HartmanEthan Allen Hitchcock: Tracing Esoteric Philosophy from Antiquity to the Renaissance and Beyond
ZyaireValentinePaula TrimpeyTesting the Design and Construction Limitations of Imitation Patent Leather Stretch Knit Fabric
AlyssaZerbeJustin CouchmanPiercings and Tattoos: Do They Leave Marks on Perception
BinyaZhangAmy Styer GreeneBafilomycin Drugs and Temperature Effects on Contractile Vacuole Contraction Rate in Vorticella Convallaria

Interim 2022 ACRE Research

Student NameFacultyProject
Brigette AmendanoIan CostMapping of the Trigeminal Nerves in Avian
Dylan CopeNathan HencerothDigital Democracy
Elyse EckertKeith FeigensonThe Influence of 2D and 3D Presentation of Stimuli on the Hollow Mask Illusion
Ryan JanowskiNathan HencerothDigital Democracy
Taylor LanierBrian BuerkeMeasurement of the Variability of the Apparent Brightness of Stars
Gabrielle ListBridget HearonEffects of Media Messaging and Media Outlet on Acceptance of COVID-19 Public Health Precautions
Regina McCarterJustin CouchmanEmpathy and Moral Judgements about Autism Spectrum Disorder using Virtual Reality
Megan MisurelliTeresa GilliamsCross-Cultural Circuitries of Grit: A Critical Examination of Resilience
Phuong My ChauIan CostComparing Tooth Wear in North American Bats with Different Diets
Gillian PierceIan RhileThe Technique of NOE Can Distinguish Between Hydrogen Atoms in Organic Compounds
Abigail PlateroDavid TannerDeaccessioning for Diversity Within the Freedman Gallery
Mikhayla ReillyNicholas PiroInvestigation of Nitrene Transfer to a Ferrocenyl Copper Complex
Zuul WoodsonKeith FeigensonThe Effects of Illusory Pattern Perception on COVID-19 Vaccination Conspiracy Beliefs


Summer 2021 ACRE Research

Student NameFaculty
Project Title
Etsub TolossaMatthew SonntagStructure and Stability of Alkali Borate Glasses
Sidney WalkerChristian HamannNew Undergraduate Research Targets Repurposed from Organic Laboratory Waste
McKinley WilliamsAlan Shane DillinghamEntagled Histories: Indigeneity and Blackness in the US Southeast and Oklahoma
Mikhayla ReillyNicholas PiroDo Ferrocene-to-Copper Interactions Exist, and Can They Stabilize a Copper Nitrene
Ethan OrtizNicholas PiroAdjusting Reactive Intermediate Lifetimes through Steric Congestion
Taisha CharlesBrittany SheltonCounting Variations of Knights and Knaves Puzzles
Vanessa BakerBrittany SheltonExamining the Structure of the Gear Ball
Katsuto SakogashiraMarian WolbersThe Doors That Shut: Finding Japanese Culture through Theatre
Christina FarrisBridget HearonRomantic or Stigmatizing?: How the Media Affects Teenagers’ and Young Adults’ Perceptipons of Mental Illness
Emily LenkevichStephen MechStudy Continuation fo the Effect of the Non-native Microstegium Vimineum on Small Mammal and Insects
Olivia TraceJordan ShomperUsing Music to Heal: Mental Health in Choral Music
Abigail PlateroDavid TannerDeaccessioning for Diversity Within The Freedman Gallery
Cecelia EnsellSusan HughesThe Impact of Perceived Physical Resemblance on the Perception of Close Relationships
Elyse EckertBridget HearonAssessing Exercise and Health Behavior Changes Associated with the Covid-19 Pandemic
Abigail ShoemakerStephen MechThe short and long-term effects of anthropogenic habitat disturbance on the geographic range distribution of Terrapene carolina

Click here to read their abstracts and view their final presentations.

Interim 2021 ACRE Research

Student NameFacultyProject Name
Natalie BuckDenise MeisterExamining the Algebra I Keystone Exam Throughout PA: Its Purpose, Five-Year Results, and Remediation Efforts
Evan CardinalNathan HencerothElementary or Parliamentary? An Empirical Analysis of Participation Among Female Members of European Parliament and its Impact on Legislative Careers
Evan CarrLisa WilderA Decomposition of US Urban-Rural Racial Wage Gaps
Jonathan CraftMichael D’ErricoPerforming Gender in Videogame Livestreams
Cecelia EnsellSusan HughesThe Impact of Perceived Physical Resemblance on the Perception of Close Relationships
Karl FeyGuillaume de SyonThe Best Worst Tank in the Army: How Human Agency Shaped the Development of the M4 Medium Tank
Olivia FreyChristian HamannBoth Static and Dynamic Images May Improve the Laboratory Experience
Jacob GraggHeidi MauDesign International: The Graphic Design Practices of Seven Eurasian Countries
Natasha HalulakosJayanthi RajanMom’s the Word: Marketing to Moms in the New Normal
Ashley HillegassMeeAe Oh-RanckAn Exploration of Chemical Regulation and Natural Dying Methods in the Area of Sustainable Fashion
Taylor LanierBrian BuerkeDevelopment of Telescope Technologies for Undergraduate Astronomical Research
Allison LudwigBridget HearonThe Effects of Fitspiration & Self-Compassion on Body Dissatisfaction, Self Esteem, Mood, and Exercise Motivation in College-aged Women with Disordered Eating Behaviors, Physical Comparison Tendencies, and Sorority Membership
Militza MolinaMaite BarraganTurning to the Shadows
Daniel PetersheimNicholas PiroMultimetallic Complexes Supported by a PNP/NNN-Ferrocene Ligand
Erika RomeroHeidi MauCelebrity Advocacy & Mental Health: How Social Media Allows Female Singers to Facilitate Mental Illness Literacy Among Their Fans
Donna SabooriBryce BrylawskiThe Effects of P-Phenylenediamine on Bean Beetles as a Proxy for Aquatic Life
Katsuto SakogashiraDahlia Al-HabieliAn Exploration of Collaborative Models for Communal Storytelling: Romeo & Juliet in Reading
Isabel SkoveraNick UngsonReactions to Ingroup Deviance in the Time of COVID-19
Emily StragapedeHayley MunirProsecutor Misconduct and the Role of Race
Jonathan StrobelMark BaldridgeFrame of Mind: Induced Motion and Human Perception
Gillian UmsteadBonnie RohdePhiladelphia’s ‘Smart’ Response to COVID-19
Jennifer VasquezBeth KiesterStatus, Detention, and Deportation: Uncertainty Among Immigrant Communities in the United States
Jaelyn WalkerKeith FeigensonThe Impact of Risk Framing on COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories
Shelby WoodardJulia HeberleOlder Children’s Understanding of Real/Not Real

Click here to read their abstracts and view their final presentations.

Summer 2020 ACRE Research

Student NameFacultyProject
Faith MiravichKristen WoodwardDance of the Devils: Art Inspired by the Boruka
Julie SchreyAdam HerspergerUnderstanding the Nature and Function of the Epidermal Growth Factor Ortholog Expressed by Ectromelia Virus
Daniel PetersheimNicholas PiroAmbiphilic Ferrocene-Bridged Ligands for Metals with Expanded Coordination Spheres
Ryan KellyNathan HencerothGetting Ready to Run: How Congressional Floor Speeches Precede Campaigns for Higher Office
Krystal PerezJoycelen BurdettCharles James Study
Matthew OrtizMatt Fotis“Yes, and…” Creating an Improv Curriculum to Help Children with ASD Increase their Social and Behavioral Communication Skills
Stephanie Vargas-HemmingsMeeAe Oh-RanckSustainable Fashion: Upcycling, Reusing and Sustainability
Abigail ShoemakerStephen MechThe Short and Long-term Effects of Anthropogenic Habitat Disturbance on the Geographic Range Distribution of Terrapene Carolina
Jacob GraggHeidi MauLogos International: A Look into the Design Philosophies of Eight Different Countries
Emily LenkevichStephen MechThe Effect of the Non-native Microstegium Vimineum on Small Mammal and Insects
Jaquan HarleyAmy GreeneInhibition of Contractile Vacuole Cycling in Vorticella Convallaria
Suzanne SpriggsIan CostA Comparative Analysis of the Remote Touch Mechanism in Birds
Brooke SchlottGwen SeidmanNarcissism and Attributions of Blame Following Romantic Relationship Break-Up
Natalie BuckDenise MeisterExamining the Algebra I Keystone Exam: Its Purpose, Five-Year Results, and Remediation Efforts
Dana FieldingJustin CouchmanThe Effects of Virtual Reality and Stress on the Misinformation Effect
Jennifer VasquezElizabeth KiesterStatus, Detention, and Deportation: Uncertainty Among Immigrant Communities in the US

Summer 2020 ACRE Presentations

Interim 2020 ACRE Research

Student NameFacultyProject
Abigail ArmyMarian WolbersSide Effects: A Memoir about Family, Cancer, and Making it Work
Alex HermansMatt FotisNew Play Development for Traditional and Non-Traditional Plays
Autumn BlalockBridget HearonTheater for Change: Predicting Risk Behavior Change Using Theater, Prototype Willingness Model, and Theory of Planned Behavior
Blake ReedMichael ArmatoRural Areas and Public Good Distribution in Pennsylvania
Bridgett ConnollySuzanne PalmerOrganic and Sustainability Certifications in the Hemp Industry
Cynthia ThorngateSusan HughesEye Gaze Patterns and Preferences of Dating App Profile Pictures
Elijah BowersGuilluame de SyonThe World’s Longest Hatred in its Polish Context; How Does it Relate to Today’s Controversies About Poland’s Role in the Holocaust?
Erin SmithKeith FeigensonEffects of 3-Day Meditation
Ginger HillAndrew SamuelsenConditional Lethal Plasmid Building for E. coli and Agrobacterium
Grace ColemanBridget HearonPredictors of Emotion-Induced Eating Behaviors
Isha ShahBryce BrylawskiThe Effects of P-phenylenediamine on Bean Beetles, Callosobruchus Maculatus, Larval Tissue Survival
Jacob GraggLesley GoodmanRoad to the New Weird: The Postmodern Legacy of Gothic and Cosmic Horror
Jed Paolo Dela TorreNick UngsonThe Effect of Perceived Costs and Benefits Willingness to Dissent: A Normative Conflict Perspective
Jessica ZamoraGwen SeidmanThe Dark Triad of Personality and Moral Decisions
Robert SchwartzIan CostFunctional Anatomy of the Perching Mechanism and Implications for its Evolution in Dinosaurs and Birds
Sarajean ReinertMichael D’ErricoThe Music Products Industry After #MeToo
Tyler StaufferNicholas PiroMetal Complexes of an Ambiphillic Ferrocene-Bridged Ligand

Summer 2019 ACRE Research

Student NameFacultyProject
Ryan BrettStephen MechRegional Differences in Ectoparasite Density and Survivorship and Reproduction of Peromyscus leucopus
Maya FaresNicholas PiroReaction Profiles of an Oxygenated Copper Intermediate
Zachary HendricksJustin CouchmanCross-Cultural Differences in Memory, Beliefs, and Mental Schemas
Ashley HillegassMeeAe Oh-RanckA Study in Japanese Couture Techniques: Sustainability and the Geometric Organic Shapes of the Japanese Aesthetic
Sarah HoslerJacque FetrowExploration of the Phosducin Superfamily and its Categorization by the MISST Method
Samantha KingKeith FeignensonExamining Stress Markers During Restricted Environmental Stimulation
Madelyn LoftusMatt SonntagSynthesis of Noble Metal Nanoparticles for Single-Molecule Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Joey LoveMatt FotisThe History & Practice of Sketch Comedy
Nhu NguyenAmy GreeneChemical Crosslinking of Magnetic Beads for Studies of Feeding Preference in Vorticella Convallaria
Stephanie PinelElizabeth KiesterHow Do Colors Effect Political Opinion?
Mikhayla ReillyAmy GreeneTemperature Effects of Vorticella convallaria Endocytosis and Contractile Vacuole Formation Rates – Conrad Weiser Science Research Institute Mentorship
Julie SchreyChristian HamannSesquiterpenes Database
Caitlyn VerhaarenLennie AmoresTeaching Global Hispanophone Literature in High School Spanish Classroom
Abbi WaltzStephen MechThe Short and Long-term Effects of Anthropogenic Habitat Disturbance on the Geographic Range Distribution of Terrapene carolina
Alexis WillisJayanthi RajanThe Conscious Consumer’s Catwalk: Sustainability of Thrifting and the Consumer Profile of Second-Hand Shoppers
Cecilia WishneskiSusan HughesThe Age of Neoteny: The Retention of Childhood Cuteness as Related to the Solicitation of Care


Interim 2019 ACRE Research

Alyssa KatesKeith FeigensonThe Effect of the Hollow Mask Illusion on Children
Anthony CasselliBonnie RohdeTransformational Leadership in Smart City Collaboration
Ashley HillegassMeeAe Oh-RanckCurating the Couture Corset: Victorian Couture Methods Meets Modern Day Sustainable Fashion
Carolyn CortesKennon RiceBeach Community Representation by Individuals and Municipal Actors
Claire KilpatrickHuy TranCorporate Social Responsibility & Firm Performance: The Moderating role of National Culture
Cody StetsonFarhad SabooriAn Economic & Political Analysis of the US-China Trade Relationship
Dominic MarfisiBonnie RohdeLessons Learned in Public Private Partnerships for Small Smart Cities
Drake JacobsFarhad SabooriAn Economic & Political Analysis of the US-China Trade Relationship
Emily CurleyTeresa GilliamsUnsung Voices: The Othering of Japanese Americans Post World War II
Emily DurellHeidi MauLes Petities & Die Postkarten: Children & Family in Great War Postcards
Francis MeleAndrew SamuelsenEvaluating Rhamnose Promoter Leakiness Using the Green Fluorescent Protein
Hei Tung(Tiffany) NgJay RajanTapping into the Craft Beer Trend
Joseph HolowkoElizabeth KiesterAssessing the Co-Creation of an FYS
Karen AlejandresBridget HearonPhysician & Limited English Proficiency in Parent’s Perception on Childhood Asthma in Primary Care
Kaylyn HaanAdam HerspergerCharacterization of the Growth Factor Analog Expressed by Ectromelia Virus
Lauren HudakGwen SeidmanThe Motivations for and Effects of Active and Passive Social Media Use
Maya FaresNicholas PiroCharacterizing an Oxygenated Intermediat in O-atom Transfer Reactions of a Bis(guanidinyl)pyridine Copper Complex
Mckenzie DerbyKennon RiceBeach Community Representation in Commercial Media
Nhu NguyenAmy GreeneVorticella endocytosis rates with magnetic beads conjugated to different food sources
Sarah HohlJustin CouchmanFantasy and Reality Distinction in Young Children
Sarah HoslerJacque FetrowExploration of Thioredoxin Fold Superfamilies and Their Molecular Function
Zoe GehmanNicholas PiroAn Asymmetrical Ferrocene-Bridged Ligand to Hold Dissimilar Metal Ions

Summer 2018 ACRE Research




Allison UlakyLennie AmoresNuestra Comunidad Latina: An Open Source Spanish Textbook for the Liberal Arts
Frank KobeJustin CouchmanMeditation for Memory Recall & Focus
Rebecca DavisKeith FeigensonThe Effects of Restricted Environmental Stimulation on Optical Illusion Perception
Joseph HolowkoBeth KiesterCo-Creating an FYS: ‘Star Wars: The Good, The Bad, and The Sociology’
Joey LoveMatt FotisThe Streets are Paved in Gold: History & Practice of Satiric Fake News
Allison RobertsGwen SeidmanThe Role of Narcissistic Admiration & Rivalry in Perceptions of Romantic Partners & Relationship Outcomes
Thalia WilliamsonKaren CampbellObserving the Effect on Human Disturbance on Bird Behavior
Sayge MartinSamira MehtaWomen, Print Media, and the Searchable Database: A Digital Humanities Archive
Alexandra CloseJesse ClarkSourcing Non-Western Inspiration for American Popular Music
Soloman BaileyBrian BuerkeCollective Motion Using Drones
Mara TrifoiErin VentrescaIncreased Sugar Ingestion Causes Premature Adult Stem Cell Loss Due to Increased PI3k-Dependent Cell Proliferation in Drosophila melanogaster
Briana SamuelBridget HearonHealth Halo Effects & Misperception of Calorie Content
Lauryn GwathmeyDavid OsgoodDisturbance & Its Effect on Plant Species Diversity Within Newly Disturbed & Previously Disturbed Communities
Rebecca MorgisAdam HerspergerMHCII Cross-Presentation as a Driver of CD4 T-cell Responses to Poxviruses

Animal Care and Use Committee

The advancement of both pure and applied knowledge requires scientific experimentation and educational instruction using animals. The necessary use of animals requires proper oversight and ethical considerations.

The Animal Care and Use Committee (ACUC) of Albright College is charged with the institutional oversight of animals and animal care personnel involved in research and teaching. The goal of the ACUC is to verify, on sound scientific and ethical principles, the prudent use of animals and minimize the pain and discomfort of animal subjects in experiments and teaching exercises. ACUC is also responsible for ensuring all personnel involved in such experiments are informed of, and in compliance with, approved protocols and applicable guidelines for humane care and use of animals.

Any project involving vertebrate animal use by faculty, staff or students of Albright College must receive approval by ACUC. Further information may be found at

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