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WiFi Calling

Most major cellular providers have implemented updates that allow your phone to make calls over a wireless network. Normally, your phone relied on signals from nearby cellular towers to transmit your phone calls. With these improvements, your calls benefit from the extended range of nearby access points to give you a more reliable signal and ability to make calls, even when in an area of a building that would usually block your cellular reception.

​​Albright’s new Aruba infrastructure supports WiFi Calling. If your cellular provider and phone also support this feature, you can take advantage of WiFi calling.


Provider Information about WiFi Calling​

The following cellular providers offer Wi-Fi calling as a service. To use this feature go to your provider’s website​ for information about whether this service is available to you and how to enable it on your mobile device.






​Don’t see your cellular provider here? That doesn’t mean you may not have access to WiFi Calling. More providers may roll out Wi-Fi calling on their networks. Check your provider’s website for more details.