AirGroups – Albright College

AirGroups on Albright-PSK

AirGroups is a feature in Clearpass that allows you to restrict access to your devices that you have connected to the Albright-PSK network. Certain devices such as Chromecasts or wireless printers will not function without this feature enabled, but once you have activated AirGroups on your device you can control who can access your device over a wireless network. You can share with your roommate, friends, or restrict access to the device just to you.


​​Activating AirGroup in ClearPass

​Navigate to Albright’s Clearpass System and log in with your LionLink username and password.

Select ‘Manage Devices’

Select your registered device for which you would like to enable AirGroups, and select ‘Edit.’

Check ‘Enable AirGroup,’ add any users who should have shared access to this device, and click ‘Update Device.’

Acceptable Use Policy

​Please be sure to read the Acceptable Use Policy​ for using Albright IT Resources to better understand you responsibilities when using this technology.​