Get Connected – Albright College

Connecting to the Network

There are several ways to get online using the Albright networks. The Albright and Albright-PSK networks support Albright staff, faculty, and students. They will connect using either their LionLink credentials or a secure password. Guests to the campus will connect via Albright-Guest using credentials generated by IT Services. These credentials will be requested by the party or department hosting you on campus.

Connect to the Albright network​
Devices that can connect: Devices that allow connection by WAP2 Enterprise Authentication

(Translation: These devices allow you to connect by entering a username and password to connect to the network. Typically computers and smart phones allow this as well as some other devices. If your device only allows you to enter a password to connect to the network, try connecting to Albright-PSK.)

Connect to the Albright-PSK network​
Devices that can connect: Devices that allow connection by ​WAP2-PSK Authentication

(Translation: These devices won’t allow you to use a username and password to connect, but will allow you to use just a password [or PSK – Pre-Shared Key] to authenticate. Click the link above to get instructions and the PSK to connect to Albright-PSK).

Connect to the Albright-Guest n​etwork​
This is an unsecured network provided for guests on campus. If you are at Albright as staff, faculty, or student, please use the Albright or Albright-PSK network.

Tips for your Devices

The most common devices students and staff connect to the Albright Wireless Network are their computers and phones. Connecting is a relatively simple process, but it may require different steps depending on the device you are using. Take a look at the steps below for some of the most common devices that connect to the network. If you have other devices, always try to connect using this method first, but if you run into issues, try using the Albright-PSK network. Click here​ for more information about how to connect there.

No wireless adapter on your computer?​

Most commercial laptops come equipped with a wireless adapter installed to detect and communicate with wireless networks. Some desktop computers come with these installed, bu​t not all of them. If your device does not come equipped with a wireless adapter, consider purchasing one so that you can take advantage of our wireless network. These adapters are widely available and relatively inexpensive.