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Albright IT Services strives to provide a positive wireless experience across campus. Staff, faculty, and students have access to Albright networks to make use of their wireless devices. Click here to see details about our wireless networks with connection instructions.

PawPrint is Albright College’s print management service, it is powered by YSoft’s SafeQ software suite.  PawPrint allows members of our community to securely print from labs, college issued computers, and personal devices.  It supports direct printing, web uploads and email submission of compatible file types.  Documents are held in a secure holding queue until released to one of the campus release enabled MFDs. Students are able to print in the Campus Center Main Lounger, Chapel: Haskel Lounge, CCM Labs, Teel 216, Science Hall Student Room 3rd Floor, Roessner Hall 1st and 2nd Floors in the Academic Halls, and the Masters Hall English Common Room.

Submitting Documents to the PawPrint secure queue

Academic Computers – Albright Lab computers now have the print queue “pawprint on net-print-safeq”. To submit a job from a lab computer, use the ‘Print’ option in the program you are using, and make sure “pawprint on net-print-safeq” is the selected printer.  This will submit the document to the PawPrint holding queue.

Email your documents to After signing in to your Albright Email account, start a new email. Attach to the email the document that you would like to have printed and enter as the recipient. Doing so will add the document to your personal PawPrint queue.

Upload Your Document to PawPrint

  1. Visit PawPrint at and sign in with your LionLink username and password (DO NOT use
  2. Once you are signed in, you will see the page below. To send a new document to your queue, click on “Upload new print job”.
  3. Click “Browse” and navigate to and then choose the document that you would like to print. When you are finished, click “Upload”

Release Stations

There are two options for authentication at the PawPrint release stations:

  1. Entering your LionLink Credentials
  2. Tapping your Albright ID Card

If you would like to tap your card for authentication at one of the PawPrint release stations, you must first link your Albright ID card to your Albright LionLink Account. To do this, please:

  1. Tap your ID card on the Card Reader attached to the printer
  2. Enter your LionLink username and password on the MFDs input display and press the “Login” button

We recommend that you test your ability to sign in with your card after going through these steps. If you find that your ID card is not associating with your LionLink account or have any other issues, please reach out to Client Services for assistance at 610-921-7676 or

Releasing your print job

  1. Make sure the MFD is not in Power savings mode before you Tap your ID card. If the display is dark, press the wake/sleep button.
  2. Login to the MFD by Tapping your College ID on the Card Reader. If you do not have your ID card you can login to the MFD with your LionLink Account.
  3. On the MFD’s input touch screen select Sharp OSA from the tabs at the top of the screen.
  4. In the OSA module Select Ysoft SafeQ
  5. In The YSoft SafeQ Waiting section, select the documents you would like to print.
  6. Press the on screen Print button.
  7. Sign out using the orange Sign Out button in the lower right corner when you are done.

Click here if you would like a copy of the PawPrint instructions that are posted at MFD’s around campus.

You will use the ID Photo system to upload your photo for your student ID. Sign in at ID Photo using your LionLink credentials.

If you encounter any issues uploading your photo, please reach out to Public Safety by stopping by their office or calling (610) 921-7670. Please note that if you already have a photo uploaded, you will need to contact Public Safety first to clear that photo to upload a new photo.

If you cannot log into the ID Photo System, please try resetting your password at LionLink. If that does not help, contact Client Services at or 610-921-7676

Equipment and Classroom Technology Training

Media Services offers one-on-one and small group training on Albright’s classroom technology. We also provide instruction on equipment in our loaning inventory. To request an appointment for training, contact the Client Services line at (610) 921-7676 or email with your request. Please provide us your specific training needs. We will research classroom and technology availability and arrange for a time to meet with you.

Media Services Audio Visual Equipment Set-up Services

Media Services provides equipment set-ups for classroom instruction during regularly scheduled class hours. There are many times in the year when Media Services loaner equipment is in high demand. If you are planning a class or event that needs equipment from the loaner inventory, it is best that you make a reservation well in advance (several weeks) of the event. To properly process your request we ask that you submit your equipment reservation by emailing Client Services at no fewer than 3 days in advance of your event. If you are requesting equipment in fewer than 3 days please call Client Services (610) 921-7676.

If your event location or time occurs outside of a classroom or regular class hours, please contact the Facilities department for support. Albright’s Facilities Department provides the Events Setup Request Form for your non class related request. Please call or contact us if you have any questions about who to request support from for you event. We will be happy to help guide you through the process.

Media Services Loaner Inventory

Media Services maintains an inventory of audio/visual tools, digital cameras, camcorders, tripods, projectors, laptops and other items. If you are looking to borrow equipment from our inventory, please submit your equipment reservation by emailing Client Services at no fewer than 3 days in advance of your event. If you are requesting equipment in fewer than 3 days please call Client Services (610) 921-7676.

Classroom Technology

Most classrooms at Albright College are equipped with technology to enhance instruction. DSI identifies classrooms by “tiers” to classify what types of technology will be installed in a classroom.

DSI also maintains computer labs in multiple academic buildings on Albright’s Reading, PA campus for use by students, faculty, and staff.

For more details about our classroom technology and computer labs, please visit our Classroom Technology Inventory.

CCM Computer Labs Reservation

Client Services maintains a schedule for the computer labs in the Center for Computing and Mathematics (CCM). Requests to schedule your class to meet for a semester in a computer lab should be directed to the Registrar’s Office. If you wish to schedule the use of a lab for an individual session please submit a CCM Computer Lab Reservation Form.

Client Services is a professional team of technicians available to assist you with Albright technology. They can assist with matters ranging from resetting your password to troubleshooting a projector in the classroom. For more information about Client Services including hours, contact information, and what to expect when working with this team, please click here.