Media Services Reservation and Borrowing Guidelines – Albright College

Media Services Reservation and Borrowing Guidelines

Students, faculty, and staff are able to borrow Media Services devices/equipment for a loaning period specific for each type of device/equipment. In order to borrow the device/equipment, you must provide:

  • A current and valid Albright College identification card
  • A personal phone number at which you can be reached

This is the only acceptable form of identification. If you are a student picking up a device/equipment under a faculty or staff member’s name, they must contact Media Services in advance of your visit to make arrangements with us. Upon receiving the device/equipment you will be notified of the date that the device/equipment needs to be returned.

To view information on Media Services devices/equipment you can go to the Media Services Device page for links to the device owner’s manual. You will also find information on the devices rental period and Albright created documentation for the devices.

Making Reservations through Media Services

Reservations for equipment pick-up or equipment setup should be made at least 3 days before you plan to pick up or use the equipment for an event. Media Services cannot guarantee the availability of any of our equipment.

To reserve equipment through Media Services for a specific date or event, you can:

After submitting your request, you will receive confirmation that your reservation has been made either verbally or by email.

If the device you have requested is not available on that date we will let you know that you need to reschedule your reservation date.

Media Services Responsibilities

Media Services is responsible for AV equipment setups that take place within classrooms during class hours. Any request for AV equipment being used for an event that takes place outside of a classroom setting or inside a classroom but outside of class hours should go to the Facilities Department. You can submit a request through facilities by going to the webpage for the Facilities Department and submitting an “Event Set Up Request”.


Media Services Patron Responsibilities

While in possession of borrowed devices/equipment the student, faculty or staff member is responsible for returning the device/equipment in the same condition in which it was checked out, except for low battery power and normal wear and tear. Any damages or, if necessary, replacement costs are the responsibility of the borrower.

The borrower is also responsible for returning the device/equipment on the date specified when you borrowed the equipment.

Further details are available on the Borrowers agreement form for checking out media equipment. This form is available on Student eDocs.