Guest Wireless Guidelines and Procedures – Albright College

Guest Wireless Guidelines and Procedures

  • Albright-Guest is a restricted, unsecured service which is intended to provide access to public web pages and web-based e-mail only. Other services and programs may not work. Due to the limited, unsecured nature of Albright’s Guest wireless service, it should never be used by Albright faculty or staff.
  • When coming on campus, connect your phone or laptop to the Albright-Guest network and create a guest account on the splash page that opens.
  • Guest wireless accounts will be created for a 24 hour period.  The usage period starts when the account is created.
  • There is currently no requirement for any laptop or mobile device to be checked, configured, or registered for use on the service.
  • Usage of the guest wireless service is entirely at the risk of the account holder. As such, we strongly recommend that the laptop has up-to-date anti-virus and all security updates applied before using the service.
  • Use of any Albright College information technology resources, including the Guest wireless service, constitutes an acknowledgement of our IT Services Acceptable Use Policy.