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How the Moodle Checkboxes Work

Moodle Checkboxes allow you to monitor your progress in a course. They’re an easy way to know where you last left off working and what you need to do next. Checkboxes come in two types:

  • Boxes with a solid border are ones you have to check manually when you’re finished with the activity or resource.

solid Moodle checkbox

  • Boxes with a dotted border check automatically when their requirements are fulfilled. Requirements are set by the instructor and may vary by type of item.
    • Assignments may check either when the student submit the assignment or when the instructor grades it.
    • Discussion forums typically check when the required number of posts are made.
    • Quizzes typically check when they are completed.
    • Course materials may check when they are viewed.

dotted Moodle checkbox

Some instructors use the Moodle checkboxes to monitor student progress in the course, so you should be sure to check off any manual checkboxes when you’re done with an activity or resource.

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