Why are My Course Not Showing/Still Showing in Moodle?

Why are my courses not showing, or still showing, in Moodle?

Course not showing

Courses may not be visible in Moodle until after the course has started. If you’re currently enrolled in a course that has started and don’t see it in the course list on your Moodle dashboard, please contact your instructor. Especially if it’s early in the term, the course may not have been made visible yet.

If your instructor is unable to help, or if none of your courses are showing, please contact Client Services at clientservices@albright.edu or (610) 921-7676.

Old courses still showing

Courses remain available in Moodle until the instructor turns them off. If past courses get in the way, you can filter your courses by In Progress instead. This will let you see only your current courses.


Previous Course Has Disappeared

If a past course was still appearing on your Moodle dashboard and now isn’t, it’s because the instructor has turned it off. If you’re trying to access materials in that course, you’ll need to contact the instructor. If you need a syllabus or other materials from the course and are not able to reach the instructor, the Academic Affairs office may be able to help.

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