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Start-of-Semester Moodle Checklist

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Here’s a handy list of things you may need to do with your Moodle courses at the start of each semester. For more help with any task, use the Moodle Help Center or contact the Instructional Design team. Remember that editing must be turned on from the Gear icon to complete these tasks.

□ Format or import your course.

Click + topics in the lower right of your course page to add sections. Use the pencil icon next to the section name to edit the name. Press Enter. To import a past course into your new one, go to the Gear icon and choose Import.

□ Hide or show sections as needed.

Use the Edit button at the right of the appropriate section.

□ Copy over any discussion prompts if you’re importing a course.

In some types of discussion forums (especially the Q & A forum), the prompt is placed directly into the discussion and won’t copy over when the course is imported but will have to be copied manually.

□ Check start and end dates.

Go to the Gear icon and choose Edit settings.

□ Set up attendance.

On your course page, click Add an activity or resource in the appropriate section and choose Attendance.

□ Check assignment due dates.

Click Edit to the far right of the appropriate assignment. Choose Edit settings. Under Availability, you can see and edit all the dates associated with the assignment. Click Save and return to course at the bottom of the page.

□ Check that the totals in your gradebook are accurate.

Click Grades in the left navigation bar. From the dropdown menu, choose Gradebook setup. This will show all point values for assignments and categories.

□ Check that necessary right-hand blocks are appearing.

If not, click Add a block at the bottom of the right-hand menu, and choose the block you want.

□ Update your Instructor information if necessary.

If your office hours or contact information have changed, be sure to edit those every place they’re posted in the course.

□ Make the course visible to students.

In the Gear icon, choose Edit settings. Under General – Course visibility, choose Show.

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