How to set up your Moodle gradebook

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There are two basic ways to set up a Moodle gradebook.

A. Using categories to weight the items.


For example:

Papers 50%

Paper 1                 50 points

Paper 2                 100 points

Paper 3                 100 points

Exams 40%

Exam 1                  75 points

Exam 2                  75 points

Projects 10%

Project 1              20 points

Project 2              25 points

Project 3              35 points


If your syllabus looks like this, follow the

directions for Weighted Grading.

B. Weighting items naturally by making some worth more points than others.

For example:

Paper 1                 50 points

Paper 2                 100 points

Paper 3                 150 points

Exam 1                  75 points

Exam 2                  75 points

Project 1              20 points

Project 2              25 points

Project 3              35 points





If your syllabus looks like this, follow the directions for Natural Grading.


NOTE: If your syllabus doesn’t clearly follow either of these models, or if you need help deciding which method is right for you, contact the Instructional Design team in DSI. We’ll work with you one-on-one to make sure your gradebook functions the way you mean it to.


  1. Weighted Grading

The first step is to set up your categories. You can have as many or as few as needed. A category can contain any number of grade items, even just one.

From the Gear icon, choose Gradebook setup.

To the right of the Course name, click Edit and choose Edit settings.

Moodle gradebook image 1

Choose Weighted mean of grades for the Aggregation method. Click Save changes at the bottom of the page.

Click Add category.

Fill in the Category name.  Note: there is no need to change the aggregation method here. Leave the default in place. Click Save changes.

You’ll now see the category you created listed on the Gradebook setup page. Fill in the weight this category should have and click Save changes.

Moodle gradebook image 2

Click Add category again to repeat the process for as many categories as you have. You’ll then see all of your categories listed. Important: Check that the weights do total 100. The Course total row always says 100. It is not totaling the points for you. You need to check the total manually.

Once your categories are created, you can now go to your course page and create your graded items. (Note: if you have already created your graded items, skip to that step below.) When you come to the Grade section in assignment creation, use the Grade category menu to choose the appropriate category for that item.

That item will now appear in the selected category on the Gradebook setup page.

When you’ve finished creating all your graded items, the Gradebook setup page should show each item in its appropriate category. To see a finished gradebook, go to Gradebook Demo: Weighted Grading.

If you created your graded items before creating your categories, when you go to the Gradebook setup page, you’ll see all of your graded items at the bottom of the page, below your categories.

You can move each item into its appropriate category. First, click the directional arrow to the left of the item.

Then click the empty box corresponding to the place you want to put the item. In this example, we’re moving Paper 1 to the box below the Papers category.

Moodle gradebook image 3

This will place the item in that category.

When you finish, you’ll see each graded item in its respective category. Go to Gradebook Demo: Weighted Grading to see a complete gradebook.


  1. Natural Grading


The first step is to change your aggregation method to Natural. From the Gear icon, choose Gradebook setup.

Click Edit. Choose Edit settings.

Moodle gradebook image 4

Under Aggregation, choose Natural. At the bottom of the page, click Save changes.

Your Gradebook setup will now display a running Course total.

On your course page, add your graded items. Make each worth the appropriate number of points. Values can range from 1-900 points. As you create each item, it will appear on the Gradebook setup page. The Course total will reflect the total points.

When you finish, Gradebook setup will show all graded items in the course and the total number of points possible. NOTE: Though many instructors use a 1,000-point scale to make assignment weights self-evident, the Course total can be any number of points.

You can change the order in which the assignments appear in the gradebook by clicking the directional arrow to the left of an assignment you want to move.

Then click the box that corresponds to the position you want the item to appear in. The item will move to that position.

Moodle gradebook image 3

To see a finished gradebook, go to Gradebook Demo: Natural Grading.

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