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How do I use Scheduler in Moodle?

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Scheduler is a tool in Moodle that allows students to sign up for stipulated time slots. These could be for in-class presentations, individual meetings, or a variety of uses.

From the Gear icon, choose Turn editing on.

In the section of your course page where you want to add the Scheduler, click Add an activity or resource.

Scroll down. Click Scheduler. Click Add.

Fill in the Name field. Enter directions for the students. For Default slot duration, fill in the interval between appointments. For example, if there will be one meeting, presentation, etc. every half hour, fill in 30 minutes. Click Save and display.

Scheduler image 1

Click Add slots and choose Add repeated slots.

Set the start and end dates for the time slots. Click the days for which you want to generate slots. Choose the time range in which the slots will occur. The default duration can be changed for any slots if necessary. You may want to choose to have a reminder sent to students. Click Save changes when you’re done.

Scheduler image 2

You’ll now see a complete list of the available time slots.

Students will see a Book slot button for each one.

Scheduler image 3

When a student has signed up, you’ll see their name on the list.

Scheduler image 4

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