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What resources are available for Moodle support?

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Albright makes available a variety of resources for ongoing training and support in Moodle.


Introduction to Moodle

This self-paced online training gives step-by-step directions for all the essential Moodle tools, including:


Creating and grading assignments, discussions and quizzes

Gradebook setup

Using reports to track student engagement

And more

The course is available any time year-round. Click Intro to Moodle to access it.


The Moodle Play Site

A combination of demo site and sandbox, the Moodle Play Site lets you see Moodle tools in action and also create your own. Use it to try out a tool for the first time in a no-pressure setting, and get ideas from what other instructors have done. Directions are included for using the Sharing Cart to copy the tools into your own courses. Click Moodle Play Site to be enrolled.


The Moodle Help Center

This online help center provides instant answers to all the most common Moodle support requests. Help documents for faculty and students give step-by-step directions with screenshots. Customized specifically to Albright, the help ranges from Moodle essentials to advanced topics. The Moodle Help Center can be accessed by clicking Moodle Support at the top of any Moodle page as well as from the DSI home page. Click Moodle Help Center and bookmark the page for future use.


Gradebook Demos

The Moodle gradebook offers a lot of flexibility but also raises a lot of questions. Gradebook demo sites are available to show the gradebook in action in two different configurations. These are most effectively used after reading How to Set up your Moodle Gradebook in the Moodle Help Center. Click Weighted Grading or Natural Grading to access the demos.


Moodle Docs Access

At the bottom of most pages in Moodle, you’ll see the link  Moodle Docs for this page. Clicking this will take you to docs.moodle.org, where you’ll find a full explanation of all the options on the page


Staging Sites

If you would like to start building a course in an offline environment first, we can provide you with a course shell for staging. The staging site will never be visible to anyone but you and can be used to create every aspect of the final course. It even includes the Sharing Cart to easily copy material into the live course shell for use with your students. To request a staging site, contact the Instructional Design team at moodle@albright.edu.

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