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How do I do miniMoodle setup?

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Minimal Moodle (miniMoodle for short) is a great way to start using Moodle without being overwhelmed by all the options. MiniMoodle creates significant advantages for you and your students with just four easy steps.

1. Navigate to your course. From the Albright website, choose Faculty/Staff at the top of the page. Scroll down and click Moodle.

Use the Log in button at the right of the screen to Log in using your LionLink (network) login.

Scroll down until you see the course name. It will be grayed out.

Click the course name. Your course will open.

2. Post a welcome message for your students. At the top right of the screen, click the Gear icon and choose Turn editing on.

At the far right above Announcements, click Edit. Choose Edit section.

In the Summary box, type a welcome message to your students. (This can be the course description copied from your syllabus, but it’s nice to write something more personal). Your message should include the Course title, your name, your contact information and office hours. When you’re done, click Save changes.

You should now see your welcome message at the top of your Moodle course.

3. Add your syllabus. At the right of the screen, below Announcements, click Add an activity or resource.

Scroll down to File. Click File. Click Add.

Fill in the Name field. Click the add file button or drag a file to upload your syllabus file. Click Save and return to course.

You’ll now see your syllabus posted on your course page. If you would like to move it elsewhere on the page, click the directional arrow to the left. To rename the file on the course page, click the pencil icon. To make other changes, such as deleting the file and uploading a new one, click Edit.

4. Make your course visible to students. At the top right of the screen, click the Gear icon. Choose Edit settings.

In General, beside Course visibility, choose Show. Click Save and display.

Students can now see your course in their list of courses when they log in to Moodle. When you return to your list of courses, you’ll see that the course is no longer grayed out.

Congratulations on completing MiniMoodle setup! Some great next steps:

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