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Creating and using groups in Moodle

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Students can be divided into groups in Moodle for a number of uses, such as working on or submitting group projects, giving each course section in a metacourse its own discussions, or giving different groups of students varied deadlines on an assignment.

From the Gear icon at the upper right of your course page, choose Edit settings.

Scroll down. Under Groups, choose Separate groups. At the bottom of the page, click Save and display.

At the upper left of the screen, click Participants.

Groups in Moodle image 1

From the Gear icon, choose Groups.

Near the bottom of the page, click Create group.

Groups in Moodle image 2

Fill in a Group name. This can be a description, like “Extensions,” the topic a group is working on, or just “Group 1.” At the bottom of the page, click Save changes.

You’ll now see the group displayed on the Groups page. Repeat this process to create additional groups. Click Save changes when you finish.

Again, click Participants in the upper left of the screen.

Click the pencil to the right of “No groups” for any student.

Click the down arrow to choose the appropriate group from the drop down menu. Click the Save icon. Note: you may first need to click elsewhere on your screen in order to see the save icon.

Groups in Moodle image 3

You should now see the student placed in the correct group.

If you haven’t already, create the discussion forum or assignment where you want to employ groups. We’ll use a forum as our example here. The group icon to the right of the item should indicate “Separate groups.” If not, click to toggle it to that setting.

Gruops image 4

When you click on the forum, you’ll now see the dropdown menu to choose which group’s discussion you’re managing.

Instead of the menu, students will see only their own group. Note: Students can find a list of their group members by clicking Participants in the upper left of the screen.

Groups in Moodle image 5

This same dropdown menu will likewise appear in assignments created with groups.

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