How do I drop the lowest grades?

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Moodle makes it easy to drop the lowest grade in a category of graded items. For our example, we have five quizzes and want to drop the lowest two grades. Here’s how to set it up.

In your course, from the top right of the page, click the Gear icon and choose Gradebook Setup.

At the bottom of the page, click Add category.

Fill in a name for the category. Click Show more…

Fill in the number of low grades to be dropped.

Drop the lowest grades image 1

Create the grade items that belong in the category, or move them into the category if already created. Gradebook setup will indicate that the lowest grades in the category will be dropped.

Drop the lowest grades image 2

When students have completed the items, the User report will show which grades were dropped. The sample below indicates that the student earned 34 out of 40 points in the category, for a grade of 85%. This reflects the average of only the highest three grades.

Drop the lowest grades image 3

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