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How do I create and grade quizzes in Moodle?

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Moodle’s term for any standardized assessment is “quiz.” This tool can be used to create anything from brief, low-stakes assessments to final exams.

To create a quiz:

From the Gear icon in the upper right of your course page, choose Turn editing on.

Go to the section where you want to add the assignment. Click Add an activity or resource.

Scroll down. Click Quiz. Click Add.

Fill in the Name field. This is the name that will appear to students on the course page. Use the Description field to tell what the quiz covers, the type of questions, the time limit and any other important information. Set the quiz timing, and choose Open attempts are submitted automatically.

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Under Review options, it’s recommended to place check marks in the boxes for review Immediately after the attempt (the first 2 minutes after the quiz is submitted) and others, as you choose.

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Click Save and display at the bottom of the page. Then click Edit quiz.

On the editing page, click the Add button and choose + a new question.

Choose the type of question you want to create. The most commonly used are at the top of the list.

Fill in the Name field with a number or short tag line. Students will not see this name. It’s just for your convenience in editing the quiz. Type or paste in the question. Enter the number of points this question is worth.

Choose how many correct answers the question will have. Then fill in the answer choices. Indicate the correct answer by choosing 100% under Grade for that answer choice.

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At the bottom on the page, click Save changes. This will take you back to the editing page. Click Add to create another question. When you’re done, be sure that the total points of the questions equals the Maximum, or if necessary, adjust that value and click Save.

When you’re finished editing the quiz, return to the course page.

To grade quizzes:

On the course page, click on the quiz you want to grade.

Click the Attempts link.

Click Requires grading for the item you want to grade. If the entire quiz needs grading, instead click Review attempt in the far left column.

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Click Make comment or override points.

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Enter any comments and the points earned.

Scroll down and click Save at the bottom of the page. You can then close the pop-up window that contains the question and move on to the next question.

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