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How do I create and grade assignments in Moodle?

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Assignments allow students to submit files for grading in a way that links to the grade book.

To create an assignment:

From the Gear icon in the upper right of your course page, choose Turn editing on.

Go to the section where you want to add the assignment. Click Add an activity or resource.

Click AssignmentClick Add.

Fill in the Name field. This is the name that will appear to students on the course page. Place the assignment directions in the Description field. This can include web links, links to Word or PDF documents, or images if needed.

Under Availability, you have the option to set start and end dates for assignment submissions as well as the due date. Under Submission types, be sure that File submissions is checked. You can also allow submission of multiple files and limit the file types.

Create and grade assignments image 1

Under Feedback types check Feedback files. This will allow you to upload student papers with your comments on them.  Under Grade, fill in the appropriate number of points.

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Other options on this page include setting up notifications when submissions are made and enabling Vericite plagiarism detection. When you’re finished, click Save and return to course at the bottom of the page. You will see the Assignment link on the course page.

If you need to make changes to an assignment after it’s created, click the Edit button next to it. Then choose Edit settings. 

To grade assignments:

Click on the assignment on your course page.

The next page will show you the number of submissions. To see a detailed list, click View all submissions. To load the first assignment for grading, click Grade.

Depending on the assignment and the type of feedback you want to give, you can use the PDF editor to put notes directly on the assignment on the screen, download the assignment to put notes on it, put notes in the Feedback comments field, or any combination of these.

In the PDF editor, the most useful tools are the comment box and stamp, highlighted below. To download the assignment, click on the link to it. Click the down arrow to expand the editing tools for the Feedback comments field. Fill in the number of points earned in the Grade field.

Create assn image 3

Once the assignment is graded, you’ll see any comments you inserted on the paper, any notes in the Feedback comments, and the attached file, if any. To go on to the next paper, click Save and show next. Clicking the link to the assignment that appears in the upper left of the screen will take you back to the Grading summary page.

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From the Grading summary page, you can click View all submissions to see which assignments have been graded. Grades can also be entered directly into this page if necessary. If you enter grades here, be sure to click Save all quick grading changes.

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