Wireless Networking Security – Albright College

Wireless Networking Security

Albright College offers the following wireless networks:

  • Albright:   Preferred, securely encrypted wireless service for Albright faculty and staff.
  • Albright-PSK:   Secured Wi-Fi network available for devices that do not support enterprise authentication.
  • Albright-Guest:  Unencrypted wireless service for visitors.

Guest Wireless (Albright-Guest)

Albright College offers guest wireless accounts for speakers, vendors, or others visiting the College and requiring temporary wireless access to the Internet.  All guests who need access should connect to the “Albright-Guest” network and set up a 24-hour guest account.

NOTE:  Due to the limited and unsecured nature of the Guest wireless network, faculty and staff should always use the (Albright) wireless service.