Reporting IT Security Incidents – Albright College

Reporting IT Security Incidents

What is an information security incident?

An information security incident is any event that exposes (or potentially exposes) information or resources to unauthorized access, disruption or modification.  Security incidents should immediately be reported to the IT Services information security team by completing the IT security incident form, or by emailing

Examples of security incidents include:

  • Loss or theft of college owned laptops or storage devices
  • Unauthorized access to an Albright computer or account
  • Violation of college IT policies or standards
  • Compromises of college data
  • Inappropriate use, storage or distribution of highly sensitive data.  Please see Albright’s Administrative Data Management and Access Policy for additional information regarding highly sensitive data and the appropriate methods for electronic storing and security highly sensitive data.

When reporting security incidents, you should provide as much detailed information as possible, including your contact information, the date of the incident and the approximate time of the incident.  For contact information, please include your name, email address and phone number.

Please note: For incidents involving threats to health or safety or the theft or vandalism of computers or computing devices contact Public Safety at (610-921-7670).