One Drive Instructions – Albright College

One Drive Instructions

For Windows 10 users:

How to set up OneDrive on Windows 10
Setting up OneDrive on your device is a straightforward process. Here’s how:
1. Open Start.
2. Search OneDrive and click the top result to open the app.
3. Enter your Albright email address.
4. Click the Sign in button.
5. Click the Work or School button on the next window.
6. Enter your account password.
7. Click the Sign in button again.
8. If dual authentication is enabled on your account, finish signing in.
9. Click the Next button to confirm the location of the new OneDrive folder.
10. (Optional) Clear the Desktop, Documents, and Pictures selections.
Quick note: OneDrive offers the ability to back up your system profile folders. Although
it is recommended to use this option, you do not need to do this.
10. Click the Skip button (or Continue button).
11. Click the Not now button.
12. Click the Next button.
13. Click the Next button again.
14. Click the Next button one more time.
15. Click the Later button.
16. Click the Close button.
After you complete the steps, OneDrive will begin uploading files from the folders you


How to upload files to OneDrive
To upload documents and other files to OneDrive on Windows 10, use these steps:
1. Open File Explorer.
2. Click on OneDrive from the left pane. Quick note: On devices with multiple OneDrive
accounts, the folders may be named differently. For example: “OneDrive — Personal” for
your regular account, and “OneDrive — Family” for business accounts.
3. Snap the OneDrive folder to the left side (Windows key + left arrow).
4. Open another instance of File Explorer (Windows key + E).
5. Navigate to the folder with the content you want to upload.
6. Snap the folder with the local files to the right side (Windows key + right arrow).
7. Drag and drop each file and folder you want to upload to the OneDrive folder (left).