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How do I create and grade a video assignment?

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Moodle offers a tool that makes it easy for students to create and submit video to an assignment. The assignment will link directly to Kaltura, our media platform, and can be graded just like other assignments.

In the section where you want to add the assignment, click Add an activity or resource.

Click Kaltura Media Assignment. Click Add.

Create video assignment image 1

Fill in the assignment name. This is the link that will appear on your course page. You can enter directions in the description field. You can also include a link to the relevant help document for students in the Moodle Help Center. Be sure to address the Grade and Activity Completion areas before you click Save and return to course.

When students click the assignment, they’ll see this:

Create video assignment image 2

Clicking Add media submission will take them to their Kaltura media repository, where they’ll choose the video they want to submit.

Grading video submissions works just like grading any other assignment. You’ll click the assignment. Then click Grade submissions. Click Grade beside any student. Enter the grade and your feedback and click Save changes or Save and show next.

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