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How should I use my VeriCite score?

VeriCite is a tool for teaching the correct way to use and cite sources. Depending on how your instructor uses it, you may be able to view both your score and full report before submitting the final copy of your assignment. This is a great way to learn how to cite your sources effectively.

After submitting to an assignment that uses VeriCite, you’ll need to wait about 10-15 minutes for your Vericite report to appear. Refresh the browser occasionally until it does. Then you’ll see it on the assignment submission page. Note: if you’ve navigated away from this page, click the assignment on the main course page to access it.

Vericite score image 1

Your similarity score will display in green, yellow, orange, or red, depending on the number and type of your sentences that match scanned sources. To view your report, click the word Similarity. Your essay will appear on the left. The matching sources are shown on the right.

Vericite score image 2

Again, sentences are color-coded according to how closely they match sources. You can click on any sentence to see the sources it matches. You can also click any source to see the sentences matched to it. Click the Source text button to see the exact words of the matching source.

Vericite score image 3

Note that it isn’t necessary to achieve a score of 0%. Any score in the green range is typically acceptable.

If your VeriCite score is too high, talk to your instructor or the Writing Center about how to lower it. Your instructor may need to open a second attempt for you in the assignment to allow you to resubmit after your revisions are made.

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