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VeriCite after the Fact

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It sometimes happens that a student submits to an assignment before the instructor has turned on Vericite. Vericite doesn’t allow instructors to submit papers manually, but the instructor can allow the student to make a second submission to the assignment. The new submission will then generate a Vericite report.

From the Gear icon at the upper right of your course page, choose Turn editing on.

Go to the relevant assignment. Click Edit. Choose Edit settings.

Scroll down and expand Submission settings. Choose Manually and 2 attempts. At the bottom of the page, click Save and display.

BB030 Vericite after image 1

Click View all submissions.

To the left of each student’s name is a checkbox. Check off the students who receive another attempt, or click Select at the top to select all. At the bottom, choose Allow another attempt. Click Go.

BB030 Vericite after image 2

In the student’s submission, the Attempt settings area will now show that the assignment is ready to accept a second submission. Inform the students that may do so.

When the students click on the assignment, they should click Add a new attempt based on a previous submission.

Bb030 Vericite after image 3

Their original paper will be inserted automatically for uploading. All they need to do is click Save changes.

You will now see the new paper in the View all submissions list, along with the VeriCite report. Clicking Grade will show that this is the student’s second attempt.

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