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Using VeriCite

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Vericite is the plagiarism detection service we use at Albright. The service acts primarily as a teaching tool to help students learn to cite their sources properly. VeriCite needs to be set up when an assignment or discussion forum is created. To use VeriCite after submissions have already been made to an assignment, see the help document VeriCite after the Fact in the Moodle Help Center.

When creating an assignment, under VeriCite, check the first box Enable VeriCite Plagiarism Service. Note: the other boxes appear to be checked, but they don’t function until the top box is checked.

Vericite image 1

For an explanation of each option, click the help icon next to it.

  • It is recommended to allow students to view both their score and report and to exclude quotes. “Exclude self plagiarism” is especially important if students will submit both a draft and final copy of the same paper; otherwise, all scores on the final copies will be 100%.
  • The option to store the paper in the institutional index is important to allow other instructors to spot re-submitted papers.

When you finish creating the assignment, click Save and return to course.

When students submit assignments, you’ll see their score beside their file. To view the report, click Similarity.

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The report will show which sentences in the paper match material found on the internet and a list of all the internet sources that match sentences in the paper. The color coding indicates how close of a match was found. Note that a score of 0% is highly unlikely. Any score in the green range is generally considered acceptable.

The included Tutorial and Help can be used to learn more about the report features.

If a student’s VeriCite score is unacceptable, you may ask them to revise and re-submit. Use the help document Allowing Second Attempts on an Assignment to learn how.

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