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How do I submit an assignment in Moodle?

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It takes just a few easy steps to submit an assignment in Moodle.

You’ll first want to create your assignment in a word processing program. Save your work as a .doc or .rtf file. It isn’t advisable to type your work directly into the submission field in Moodle unless your instructor specifically asks you to do so.

Then, in your Moodle course, click the assignment.

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Click Add submission.

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Click the file chooser button. Browse to find and upload your file, or drag it in. Click Save changes.

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You’ll now see your file in the submission window. The submission status will say Submitted for grading. This indicates that your instructor can access the assignment.

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Note: The checkbox on the course page (if any) may or may not be checked after you submit, depending on the instructor’s settings. You may also need to receive a grade before the check mark will appear. Ask your instructor if you’re unsure.

To see the feedback on your work when it’s graded

Click the assignment again, just like you did to submit your work. Scroll down below the submission area to the Feedback area. There you’ll see your grade and your instructor’s feedback comments. Also, if included, you’ll see the instructor’s annotations in PDF form and/or as an attached file. Be sure to open all of these to get all of the feedback that the instructor has given you.

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