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Why won’t the assignment take my submission?

When you click an assignment in Moodle, you should see an Add submission button.

Submission status image 1

If that button doesn’t appear, it could be that the assignment is either not yet accepting submissions or has stopped accepting them based on dates that the instructor has set.

If the assignment accepts submissions only after a specified date, and you try to submit too early, the submission page won’t show an option to submit but instead will note the start date for the assignment.

Submission status image 2

If a cut-off date for the assignment is enabled, late submissions won’t be accepted. Instead, you’ll see this message on the Submission status page:

Submission status image 3

If you submit after the due date to an assignment that does accept late submissions, the Submission status page will note that the submission is overdue.

Submission status image 4

If none of these are the case, contact your instructor or Client Services for more help.

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