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Why can’t students see their quiz grade?

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If students have completed a quiz in Moodle but can’t see their grade, the problem is usually the quiz settings. Follow these steps to make their grade visible.

On your course page, click the Quiz you need to modify.

Click the Gear icon and choose Edit settings.

Scroll down. Expand Review options.

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This page allows you to customize what types of feedback students receive and when.

During the attempt settings apply only when quiz questions allow multiple tries.

Immediately after the attempt settings apply for only the first two minutes after the quiz is submitted.

Later, while the quiz is still open settings apply after this and until the quiz close date, if any.

After the quiz is closed settings apply only if a close date for the quiz has been set under Timing.

If a quiz contains both computer-graded items and items that you grade yourself, these settings will apply to the computer-graded items even before you have graded the manual ones.

How you set the feedback timing may depend on the type of assessment and its relative worth in your course. Low-stakes or non-graded quizzes may have earlier and more complete feedback than others. But in all cases, after the quiz close date, students should be allowed to see their grades, the correct answers, and any feedback provided.

When you have chosen the options you want, click Save and return to course. These settings will now apply to quizzes that are already completed as well as future completions. If you copy this quiz into a new course in the future, these settings will copy with it, but the quiz close date may need to be updated.

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