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How do I allow a second attempt on an assignment?

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By default Moodle allows students to submit to an assignment only once, but instructors can choose to allow additional attempts. This can be useful for accepting revisions of papers, especially in conjunction with VeriCite.

Go to the relevant assignment. Click Edit. Choose Edit settings.

Scroll down and expand Submission settings. Choose Manually and the number of attempts you want to allow.  At the bottom of the page, click Save and display.

Second attempt image 1

Click View all submissions.

Click Grade for the appropriate student.

Scroll down to the bottom of the right column. For Allow another attempt choose Yes. Click Save changes.

Second attempt image 2

Click OK.

The Attempt settings area will now show that it’s ready to accept a second submission.

Second attempt image 3

Repeat this step for any students who need to resubmit, and inform the students that they can do so. When the students click on the assignment, they can choose to re-submit the original file or choose a new file to submit.

After making their selection, they need to click Save changes.

You will now see the new paper in the View all submissions list. Clicking Grade will show that this is the student’s second attempt.

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