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How can I use reports to track student progress?

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Moodle offers a variety of reports that instructors can use to monitor student access and progress in a course.

To access reports, go to the Gear icon and choose More…

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The simplest report shows individual completion of tracked items in the course. Under Reports, click Activity completion.

This will display a grid showing for each student the completion status of every item in the course that is tracked. For directions on setting up course completion, see How Do I Turn on and Edit Activity Completion. Note: For the most accurate reports, set completion tracking to “Show activity as complete when conditions are met” whenever possible.

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For more detailed reports, go back to the Reports page and click Logs.

This page offers choices of reporting by student, by activity, by time period, or any combination of these factors.

The sample below shows all student activity in a course. Reports like this are helpful in determining whether a student with low grades is accessing course content but not understanding it or simply not accessing it at all.

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