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How can I prevent cheating on quizzes?

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Instructors can take several steps to help prevent students from cheating on quizzes.


  1. The first line of defense against cheating is to use a question bank and let Moodle randomize the questions and their order as they’re presented to each student. Learn how to create a question bank by going to Importing a Question Bank into Moodle in the Moodle Help Center.
  2. Setting the quiz review options wisely can also circumvent cheating. The goal is to strike a balance between the immediate feedback that helps students learn and making answers too easily available for sharing.

    A great option is the Immediately after the attempt category. This allows students to review the correct answers for only two minutes after they submit the quiz. This can be used in conjunction with After the quiz is closed, if a close date is employed, so that correct answers remain available once the quiz can no longer be taken.

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  3. Setting a restrictive time limit can also help to prevent cheating. Be sure that the time limit for taking a quiz is enough to allow students to finish but with little to no excess time. A best practice is to choose either Open attempts are submitted automatically or There is a grace period when open attempts can be submitted but no more questions answered so that any students who don’t finish will still get partial credit.
  4. A final way to prevent the sharing of quiz answers is to hide your course from students at the end of the term. Leaving past courses open creates the possibility that students from a previous term will share quiz answers and other graded work with current students. It’s recommended to leave courses visible to students for no more than two weeks after the course ends.

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