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Creating a discussion forum where students have to post first before they can see posts

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Instructors may want to create a discussion forum where students have to respond to the prompt before they can see the responses of classmates. This is called a Q and A Forum. Here’s how to create one:

From the Gear icon, choose Turn editing on.

In the section where you want to add the forum, click Add an activity or resource.

Click Forum. Click Add.

Fill in the Forum name. Note: this name should differ from the discussion question, which you’ll enter later. Choose Q and A Forum. Scroll down and click Save changes.

Click Add a new question.

Use the Subject line and Message field to enter the discussion prompt and directions. At the bottom of the page, click Post to Forum.

Discussion forum image 1

You’ll now see your post in the discussion.

Students will see your post, but without the Add a new question button, like this:

Discussion forum image 2

The student will click Reply to make their initial post.

The next student to post sees this message in place of the existing post:

Discussion forum image 3

After posting, the student sees this:

Discussion forum image 4

After the allowed editing time has elapsed, they then see the rest of the existing discussion. If a student is not able to see the discussion posts, it may help to exit the discussion and re-enter it.

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