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How can I create a narrated screencast?

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For some assignments or discussions, students may be asked to create a video in which they record their computer screen with a narrated voiceover. You can do that using our video platform, Kaltura.

Go to your course in Moodle. Click the relevant assignment or discussion. In an assignment, you’ll click Add media submission. In a discussion, you’ll click the Kaltura button.

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This will open the Kaltura media gallery. Click Add new and choose Kaltura Capture.

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If this is the first time you are using Kaltura Capture to add a video, you will need to click Download to install the program. Follow the on-screen directions. If you have previously downloaded the software then it will launch automatically.

There are two views in Kaltura: the recording tool and the manage window. In the manage window, you need to click New Recording in the upper right to launch the recording tool.

Click to toggle on and off the screen capture and microphone. Click the down arrow to bring up the preview screen.  Adjust the screen capture area to include the items you want to display. To begin recording, click the red button. To pause or stop, click the appropriate button on the timer in the lower right of the screen.

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When you stop the recording, you’ll be taken to the Save screen. Here you can preview your recording and give it a title. If you aren’t happy with the recording, you can delete it and make a new one. When you’re ready, click Save and upload.

When the progress bar indicates that the upload is complete, close that window and return to Moodle.  Again, click Add media submission or the Kaltura button to go to your Media Gallery. This includes all videos you’ve made for any class.

To the right of the video you want to upload, click Select and choose medium. On the Preview screen, click the Embed button at the lower left. Note: the thumbnail of your video may not show yet in the preview. If the screen shows an error message, proceed regardless. If your video does not appear at all, you may need to wait and return later.

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You’ll now see your video on the assignment submission page or discussion reply and can click the appropriate buttons to submit or post it.

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