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How can I make my courses more accessible?

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There are several basic steps instructors can take to help students with or without disabilities get the most from their courses in Moodle.

1. Create effective links

When placing an internet hyperlink into your course, name the link instead of copying the URL. URLs create clutter for users, whether sighted or not. Instead, write link text that describes the resource being linked to. The link text should never say, “Click here” or any variant of that.


NO: For cello covers of popular songs, click here.

YES: Click Cello Covers of Popular Songs to hear examples.

In the text editor, highlight the link text and click the link symbol.

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Paste in the URL. Click Open in new window and Create link.

2. Provide alternative text for images

Images that are purely descriptive don’t require alternative text, but any image in your course that conveys important content needs to be accompanied by a brief written description for students with visual impairment as well as others.

For purely decorative images, click Description not necessary.

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For images that convey important content, the goal is to present the same content, concisely and without redundancy with any surrounding text. The words “Image of” should NOT be included.

For the following, we would write: Bar graph showing Type A 20%, Type B 4%, Type C 11%, Type D 49%, other 16%.

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If you need help writing descriptions for content images, please contact the Instructional Design team.

3. Caption videos

While most videos available on the internet have machine-generated captions already included, it is a best practice to view the video with closed captioning on to assess accuracy. Avoid using any video that does not include captions or contains inaccurate closed captioning that could interfere with a student’s understanding.

If you create your own video, it can be uploaded to Kaltura, where machine captioning is available. Contact the Instructional Design team for more information.

4. Create accessible documents

These 5-6 minute video tutorials show how to make accessible PowerPoints and other Microsoft documents for inclusion in your course.

Following these tips for accessibility creates a better learning environment for everyone, with or without disabilities. If you need additional help in making your courses accessible, the Instructional Design team is available to assist you.

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