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Using a Flatworld Textbook

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Albright contracts with FlatWorld Unlimited to make textbook alternatives available to faculty. Any text in the FlatWorld catalog can be customized and/or combined with any other text to meet the instructor’s needs.

To use a FlatWorld textbook, you’ll first adopt a book from the catalog, customize it as little or as much as you want, publish it to your students, and finally place it in your Moodle site.

Step 1: Adopt a book

Go to If you don’t already have an account, click Sign up in the upper right. When you enter your Albright affiliation on the next screen, FlatWorld will apply our contract terms to your account.

On the home page, click Search our catalog. You can browse by subject or search for a particular book or author. NOTE: Ignore any prices you see in the catalog. Those do not apply to Albright under the terms of our contract. Unlimited electronic access to all FlatWorld texts is free to Albright students (there is a $25 charge for a printed copy).

When you find a book that interests you, clicking on it will bring you to this screen. Click Review the text to read the book. If you decide this text is one you want to use, click Adopt. NOTE: After adopting the book, you can then customize it to your needs.

Flatworld textbook image 1

After filling in the form, click your Dashboard. Clicking the book title will take you to the customization page. To make changes to the text, at the top right, click Modify and click OK.


Step 2: Customize it

You now have a custom instance of the textbook that you can edit, using a variety of tools.

Flatworld textbook image 2

To edit the book title, click on chapter 1. At the top left of the page, click edit title.

If you need help as you’re customizing your book, clicking the arrow beside your name at the top right brings up a help menu. You can also contact Albright’s Instructional Design team.


Step 3: Publish it

When you’re finished customizing, click Publish and Adopt the Textbook at the top of any page. You’ll then receive an email from Flatworld containing your custom ISBN. NOTE: It may take up to 48 hours for the book to show as published in Flatworld.


Step 4: Add it to your course

You can now to go Moodle and add the book to your course.

In the top section of your course (with editing turned on) click Add an activity or resource.

Double-click Flatworld Unlimited Access.

Flatworld textbook image 3

Click Select content. Paste in the ISBN from your email and click Search. Click Link book.

In the Name field, we recommend, “Link to textbook – click here to access and order.”

Set Grade to None. Set activity completion to, “Do not indicate activity completion.”

Your textbook will now appear in your course. Contact Instructional Design for student instructions to post along with it. It should then look like this:

Flatworld textbook image 4

If you or your students have any questions about FlatWorld textbooks, contact the Instructional Design team for help.

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