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How do I copy a course?

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A course from a previous term can be imported into a new course shell to be used again. NOTE: Before you copy a course, it is important to revise any outdated materials or broken web links. Importing the same course multiple times without checking the accuracy and relevance of resources can create problems.

From My courses on your Moodle home page, locate and go into the course you want to copy.

Highlight and copy the course name for use later. Close that course.

Go into the course you want to copy into. From the Gear icon at the upper right of the page, choose Import.

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Scroll down. At the bottom of the page, paste in the course name you copied in step one. This is the course you want to copy. Click Continue.

Click the radio button beside the course and click Continue.

Under Backup settings, you should not import blocks, as they will already appear in your new course, nor groups, as they will probably need to be reset.  Click Next.

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Choose the items you want to import. Do not select announcements, as your new course will include an announcement tool already. You should also exclude attendance and the syllabus, as those items will need to be recreated in the new course, as well as any items that won’t be reused, such as an online meeting. It’s fine to import discussion forums, assignments and quizzes. The user data associated with them will not be copied. NOTE: if you import Q and A forums, you will have to reenter the prompts.

Double check that the correct items are selected. Click Perform import.

When the import is finished, click Continue.

All of your course materials will now appear in your new course.

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