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How do I turn on and edit completion tracking?

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Completion tracking is a feature in Moodle that allows students to track their progress through a course. It can indicate, for example, whether or not a student has submitted an assignment or completed an activity. A checkbox will appear next to each tracked item, making it easy for students to see where they left off work each time they return to the course. Instructors can also use the checkboxes to see which students have completed an activity, viewed a course file, etc.

Completion tracking has to be enabled first at the course level before it can be applied to any individual assignment or activity created in the course. Here’s how:

From the Gear icon at the top right of the screen in your course, select Edit settings.

Scroll down and expand Completion tracking. Choose Yes. Click Save and Display.

Activity completion image 1

Again, from the Gear icon, select Course completion.

Activity completion image 1b

Click Bulk edit activity completion.

Activity completion image 1c

 Choose the type of activity you want to track. Choose only one type at a time. Click Edit.

Completion tracking image 1

Choose the completion tracking option you want. The most common settings are:

For pages – student must view

For assignments – student must submit (or must receive grade)

For forums – student must make 3 posts (one initial post and two responses to classmates).

Click Save changes.

Completion tracking image 2

After editing one type of activity, you will be returned to the Default activity completion tab, where you can then edit others. when you finish, the check boxes will appear at the far right of the course page. Turn editing off to see them as they’ll appear to students.

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